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What would I do without my friends?

Thank you, my friends, for your promt support about my baby steps in selling my stuff.

As I looked at the emails (Alessandra, Libby, you rock!) and comments and the ocasional gal who phoned me almost as soon as I had posted it, I realized I've come to rely on you for so many things.

You are the ones I trust with the negative stuff in my life. Like my monetary troubles. Or customer troubles. I know in you I have kind spirits that will listen and offer advice.

You are the ones that I show my (proud) efforts in the things I love to make. You become sounding boards, critics, cheerleaders and questions and encouragement flow freely back and forth.

You are the ones I tell about the antics of my whacky family. I have always been quite reserved about this subject, but I know you do not judge harshly in the bad times, and you laugh with me in the good ones.

You are the ones that I want to know about! I rush to your blogs, your emails, even your Facebooks because I am interested in you, in how you are doing. And I look forward to laughing, perhaps worrying with you, to share your story.

You, scattered all over the globe, from Japan and Australia to England, Spain, Mexico, United States, Canada, Italy ... all over the globe, indeed, are very close to my heart. You defy the laws of physics, friends!

You are my friends.

I love you all.

Oh, I forgot the reason I wanted to post twice today!!!! you see, I found a story that I enjoyed so much that I just HAD to share it with you! and then my fingers ran away with myself! LOL!


Libby said...

Awww, CT. Don't make me cry. :-D I appreciate your kind words and you know, I really understand where you're coming from. I feel blessed to have "met" you all too and to meet people who share my interests and are concerned with my well-being also. See, the internet is not all bad. :-D

Michelle Walker said...

I added your Etsy shop to the section of my blog that says, "Oh, The Places I Go." Your stuff is SO cute!!!

hester said...

Hi Talina. You are a sweetie to express your gratitude to your blogging friends in such a heartfelt way. Your posts always light up the screen.

Your stuff on Etsy looks beautiful, too.


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