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There's something on my needles...

Although the photo doesn't do the yarn justice... One of the presents from the list. Can I have 48 hour days for the next say 25 days?

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Giving myself time

No, peeps, this doesn't mean I'm going to give you a list of reasons why I'm not going to blog anymore. You are NOT that lucky. Ha!

This is a chance I'm giving myself to share with you one of the things I really, really dislike about myself now: my shape.

I am overweight. I'm not upset about social pressure or common beauty appreciation or what people will think about me. A long time ago I stopped giving a damn about all those things and live to please myself and my loved ones. Good thing pleasing myself involved taking ballet lessons.

And folk dance lessons.

And modern dance lessons.

And skating.

All. In the same. Week.

I sometimes danced up to four hours a day. And I loved it! I was 18 and size 0. Zero. Zilch.

When I was no longer a teen and faced other responsibilities I still worked out a lot, just because I liked it. I got up early, I worked out every day but Sunday, just for the fun of it. Lol! I ran again, after a long time, into my long time crush that now is my husband, and we started working out together. And it was fun, and hot, and sweaty and exhilarating.

I have two daughters now. Two toddlers that keep me on my toes all day and I have been using them as an excuse for not taking care of my body. Who ever thought I'd made excuses not to do something I loved???

Now I'm gonna be on a mission. I wanna take myself back to what and who I used to be. I don't know how long its going to take me. I don't know how many times I'll get off track. There are always one chocolate too many, one sweet read too many around me but I'll have to live with them. Hehe! Care to find out how is it when I fall on my butt?

On second thought... NOT HAPPENING! Take that, 40 pound flab and fat! You are SO not gonna be part of my life anymore!

And that photo at the top? When I'm done, all that Pauley will have on me is height!

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What do you think of it?

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Working with a luscious new yarn...

Lol! I'm working at lightning speed to get all the Xmas presents ready, hence my blog is neglected. But just to incite your envy: this yarn is pricey, at a very high nickel per 100 grams!!!

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I need your VERY honest opinion...

Does this make me look fat??? I heard that black was slimming but...

What do you think?
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An ecofriendly Christmas

How do you celebrate Christmas.

Christmas in my family is a huge deal. We exchange presents on Christmas Eve, for our Secret Santa during dinner. Then on Christmas morning everyone gives everyone a present. We plan the dinner for months, and we know that even if Mom and Dad are hosting dinner and both my SILs ask what can they bring, and Mom will tell them that they need not bring anything, one of them will show up with an appetizer and the other one will bring dessert and a salad dressing. And every year Mom will say that "this year I won't put up a big Nativity Scene" she'll put up a little one at the start of December but two days before The Dinner she'll put up the big (and I mean BIG one). You know, all those little things...

This year, however, Mom asked all of us not to get presents for everyone, cause money is really tight. If I know my brothers they will show up laden with presents, albeit not as big or spectacular as other years. Little old me, however, is SO broke that I'm going the eco route: I'm making/upgrading/recycling my presents.

Here's what I've got so far:

For my two nieces and my daughters I've made cloth dolls, all but the wigs made with materials I already had, and recycling a kind of gruffy looking jacket for some of the clothes.

For my three nephews: I've got tons of old magazines so I'm making each of them a ball shaped papier mache piggy bank, one painted like a base ball and two like soccer balls with their favorite teams logos painted on them.

For my two SILs, I've booked them for manicures and pedicures at my cousin's salon (she's great at it) and got a great rate !

For my three brothers: I got them each a wine bottle, and for two of them I got a deck of cards and game chips, that cost me $15 for each. For my other brother, who doesn't like to play cards, I want to look up some early Disney cartoons DVD's (he loves the look of vintage cartoons of any kind, and this way I can later borrow them! Lol!)

Now... I have to figure out what to get my husband and my parents!!! Have any ideas Of eco and budget friendly presents???

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Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary...

... And I had a super blog post all planned out in my head. I was going to start by remembering all the things that happened four years ago, and then tell you about what we did to celebrate...

And hubby surprised me with two presents: one I will NOT share details of with you *wink wink* and these lovely, gorgeous, one of a kind sandals! Handmade by him! Sigh!!!

So, let you have the other post I'd planned when I recover my wits and stop oh-ing and ah-ing over my lovely, pedicure worthy sandals!!!
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What do you feel grateful about today?

Me, well, I'm grateful for the little things that like this flower, put a smile in mt face...

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Dia de muertos in Mexico

We expect our dead to visit us tonight

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Freaking funny!

So I notice a piece of news in the front page of Yahoo (yup, I DO check the news once in a while) where -ahem- there's Edward Cullen. In panties.

Now please get your head out of the gutter. The nice, handsome Cedric Diggory was not caught wearing said female underwear. He (rather his blood sucking alter-ego) was depicted in such article of clothing...

And I followed the link to the source. And I was rewarded by finding this super funny blog, Twitarded, wich you can see here . There was such an  uproar made by something that was a funny joke between friends, and I still claim it was a very clever, daring, hilarious you-are-too-obsessed-with-the-guy-but-who-cares idea of their friend... and what happened only makes it funnier in my book!

I do agree. By now Rob P. must REALLY have seen them. Check out the related posts here and then the follow up here.

Crazy things happen. :D


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