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Freaking funny!

So I notice a piece of news in the front page of Yahoo (yup, I DO check the news once in a while) where -ahem- there's Edward Cullen. In panties.

Now please get your head out of the gutter. The nice, handsome Cedric Diggory was not caught wearing said female underwear. He (rather his blood sucking alter-ego) was depicted in such article of clothing...

And I followed the link to the source. And I was rewarded by finding this super funny blog, Twitarded, wich you can see here . There was such an  uproar made by something that was a funny joke between friends, and I still claim it was a very clever, daring, hilarious you-are-too-obsessed-with-the-guy-but-who-cares idea of their friend... and what happened only makes it funnier in my book!

I do agree. By now Rob P. must REALLY have seen them. Check out the related posts here and then the follow up here.

Crazy things happen. :D


Alhana said...

I haven't watched Twilight but I LOVED Cedric Diggory! Anyway, I don't think I would wear those... :-D

Jenny Jerkface said...

Howdy! Thank you for linking up with us.

We honestly had no idea that these, er, panties (I swear I want to kick someone every time I hear that word now) were going to cause such an uproar but... well, they sure did.

Not sure if you read anything else on our blog but we're pretty crude, crass and rude so we were shocked that these undies went viral (I won't even go there - there are so many terrible jokes I could make)

Anyway, I think I have to agree with you - the brouhaha actually does make the whole situation even funnier.


craftygal86 said...

Those are hilarious!! lol


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