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A love Affair (part deux)

(this is NOT me singing, it's the original score)

Against the opinion of my singing choir mates, I sang that Sunday. In their eyes, it was a transgression to the unwritten code of choirs back then: "instruments" played and "voices" sang, and since I was not really that good with the guitar - the teaching method of choice having been "sit at the end of the guitar bench and follow what the others are doing", I kid you not - I was not only any musically barrier jumper but I was not even talented enough in the guitar to be of enough "status" to be accepted among them.

In retrospect, a whole lot of things could be placed at the feet of teenage angst: we were all trying to find our places, our identities; and those who had found theirs would see this unwanted change as a threat to their "safe" place: if I had "morphed" from guitar player to guitar player/singer, then maybe their status was equally mobile. And that was scary, at least it is when you are fourteen.

I kept going to practices, covering for the singers who did not show up and so becoming sort of a understudy for every voice: if there were not enough guys, I would even sing those parts. I ended up learning each and every part of every song. Despite the cold shoulder of a few divas, I admit I enjoyed those days very much.

In the end, I realized that for me, music and singing in Mass was not only a stage (no pun intended) but were too important. After our director left for college we wandered like shepherd less sheep, and with no recognizable, permanent guidance (even the Priest who had brought us together had been sent to a bigger parish) we began slowly to dissolve as a choir. Some friendships remained, but in the case of most, the bond we had shared had dissolved, and that, as they say, was that.

Mommy Wants!

You know how sometimes there's something that just calls to you? that begs you to give it a home? I saw this lovely necklace at Designs by Vanessa's Etsy Shop and it looks just like something I would wear, with my favorite jean skirt, a white shirt and a light cardi for an afternoon out with my hubby!

oh, and if you are like me and have CADD (Craft Attention Deficit Disorder) or just want instant (almost) gratification check out her Upcycled Yarn Vase!

Time for Friday Fill Ins again!

Yaay! don't you wonder at the fact that for the first time in weeks I'm on time with this? yeah I know, you were biting your nails over it... will she? will she not?

I've been busy with two (read that, TWO) new "assignments": working with a small choir, slowly building it a bit stronger and getting ready for Xmas Eve services and Mass; and giving a cooking class for the school my girls attend.

I've been looking for resources on the web (free ones, because money is not abundant over here... rather on the scarce to non existent) and I found a very very good one, a course on Directing a choir. Wanna know the source?

The Later Day Saints. Thank you so much!!!!! it is a very complete, very instructional course that will help us a lot!

1. One week ago my nephew turned nine years old.. how time flies!.

2. _I wish I had known many of the things I know now when I was young.

3. Mama told me _to always act with the knowledge that God is watching me.

4. _Can we have a crochet/sewing/knitting/crafting fest, you and me?

5. Take your time , count your blessings, and notice the little things_.

6. For good or bad, this stage in life will pass!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a movie with my hubby, tomorrow my plans include work and Sunday, I want to wish you all a very happy, very fulfilling, very very good day!

A love affair

Lots of things have been going on amok in my life. It's been a bumpy ride for some time now. My present journey brought me back to music. To music for God, specifically. Before crafting, before sewing and such, I had a love for music. Which was promptly nipped in the bud by a choir director who sent me packing my bags. He said I was no good at singing, that I sang off key, and he did not have a girl's guitar class, so I was dismissed very ungracefully. I was 11 years old.

When I was 13, the Church of Santa Maria called for auditions for a new choir. 80 teenagers and youths showed up, me included. What can I say, I was an optimist, I had just had a lesion in dance class that had me wait for some time and since I had to fill the quota of classes, I sat in guitar class, so at least I knew there was something like a music scale.

To my amazement, I was one of the 25 chosen to remain and be part of the choir. I had to chose an instrument because -surprise!- I was not a singer. I knew it, accepted it and was thrilled to be part of it. I was the only girl playing guitar. I had to prove my worth, that' s what I thought when I picked my instrument. The other girls took what I considered cute instruments, really coquetish and pretty, like mandolins (still wish I'd learned to play one), tambourines, tubular bells and so. Our choir director did a wonderful job. Even if I wasn't a "voice" I felt part of something great, so great that I sang all day long when I could. I think I sang more than I practiced my guitar skills.

We performed for some years, had great times, switched director, and one day, a very odd thing happened. The musicians had rehearsal before the voices, and we were playing a song that I loved, called "Maravilloso Dios", Wonderful God. So, I start singing it just so we would see if the tempo was right. Well, it had been a couple of years and all that singing, well guess what it was? Practice! The director heard me and asked me to sing again. And then told me I would sing the song next Sunday Mass.

Oh. My.

Talk about scary. By now, a bit of the shine had worn off and two things I knew: I really had to give my best next Sunday.

And no matter what happened, I would be in hot water with "the voices".

To be continued....

Friday fill ins (a day late)

Surprise surprise! I was a day late with the fill ins this week too! oy! we go!

1. My car ___suits my personality to a T! (small, bright, thinks it's a monster truck having been "born" a Clio...)__.

2. ______The best times of my life_____ is coming up next.

3. Lately, things seem ___quite interesting... in an odd way!________.

4. ____Inside a book_______ is one of my favorite 'hiding' places.

5. What happened _____to all the extra time I'm supposed to have now????______.

6. ____Getting out of debt_______ is not impossible!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __a b-day party (that was yesterday!)___, tomorrow my plans include __Chillin' out with the girls and my love___ and Sunday, I want to __(hehehe!) beat my hubby at Monopoly... for once!!!!___


As if I didn't like the game already I find this out!!!!! AWESOME!


How on earth am I supposed to go on a diet when I'm making chocolate bombs like this one on a regular basis? Coffee and a slice, anyone?
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Talking about books

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Tammie, that fabulous girl in hot, humid Florida delights me with her reviews, sometimes of books that I'd never heard about but now I'm itching to read. And I love books!

There was a time when my library at home was mainly romance novel and loads of Jules Verne, Dumas, Conan Doyle, the Illiad, the Oddisey, you get the drift. Then came the classics and darker (at least for me) reading: Bram Stroker, crime novels, lots of biographies, and then the religious subjects. And through all those phases, I kept true to two authors, reading once and again their works: JRR Tolkien and L. M. Montgomery.

But now? If you saw my bookshelves at home (at my parents stayed about 70% of my books) you'd see that half of them are cookbooks! I adore cookbooks, the better if they show a bit of the author.

The Barefoot Contessa books are among my faves. Rachael Ray runs a tight second to Ina. Fr. Rick Curry can't be beat when you talk about soups or bread, and Mark Bittman (The Minimalist) has such awesome recipes with an almost nonchalant approach at cooking that makes his recipes so fresh! The ingredients are a bit hard for me to find, but I substitute!

So tell me... What is your fave recipe book/recipe source?

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Testing, testing...

Just trying to see if I can blog from my phone...

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Edit: Aparently, I can. Now you really aren't gonna get rid of me! do you like the scarf?

Just a little thank you...

... to all my bloggie friends! thanks for your kind comments and for being my friends!

I found a cute site that made me think of all of you. Operation Nice works under the premise that you can change someone else's day (life!) just by showing a bit of kindness. It can be a note left randomly, a pair of cupcakes for that lonely (or not so lonely, overworked) neighbor, a $5 in an unexpected place or a compliment in a dressing room. All of us can give a little something of ourselves, if only a smile and a nice word to our neighbors. Do unto others, right?

mmm... now I have to find a way to mail all of you a cupcake.....

EDIT: I followed a link to Melissa's other blog, 160 pages, and you should really hop over there! it is a delightful project!

So many things to talk about... (photo intensive post!)

I present to you a proud and happy family! told you my girl was 3 years old on the ninth, didn't I? well, I don't know if it is usual in the rest of the world, but here in Mexico, we present our children when they are three years old to the Virgin Mary in a ceremony called "Consagracion" , consecration. We ask her to look after them and in the ceremony the priest reads the gospel where Jesus tells his disciples to allow the children to come to him... and then the child says a prayer. It is customary to dress the child either in their best gala or in semblance to a Saint or the Virgin or even as nuns or priests. Judith chose to be dressed as the Virgin. (yes, she did. That girl has very distinct clothing ideas)

That's us! Daddy, Judith, Esther and yours truly, for once in a dress and high heels!

Here she is, bringing her bouquet to the Virgin's statue and saying her prayer

That's her godmother holding her!
During the reading of the gospel.

She was so shy this day! and so proper! she did not run or toss her flowers or ... well, do all the things she usually does! she's such a good little girl! Looking at the photos, I can't believe this big girl is my baby... I must have done something really good earlier in life to deserve her and her sister!

Afterwards we had dinner, but I'll tell you all about it in the next post..

Oh, I know you want to know what I'm working on right now.... (yeah right! you are sitting on the edge of your seats!). Fear no more, here it is! I'm working in a baby blanket for a very much expected baby, for whom I ask of you to pray for!

I received a package a few days ago that I had to -very bravely!- refrain for a while from showing to you... Thank you so much Ruth, I loved it all! I had to keep it hush hush because I'm a terrible liar.

Yeah, what does it have to do with anything that I'm a terrible liar... well, I had to tell my swap partner something cause she was starting to suspect I was her secret partner, and I had to say YOU were! so, if I showed your package she would have caught me! sorry! sorry! sorry!

Look how pretilly it is wrapped! It was such a joy to open! and inside...
... these lovely goodies! two skeins of sock yarn in girlie colors (yaay!) and three ornaments: a bell, a large snowflake and a small snowflake that will be in the hands of my tree topper, an angel.

See how cute it is? and it is frosted! it has some shimmer to it!!! lovely!!!

I think I'm gonna try and copy this large snowflake and make more for my tree and my mother's too! Thank you Ruth! you are so sweet!!!

Happy Birthday, Big J!

Today, about this time of day (noon) a certain lady came to our lives, with very little in the way of baggage but with lots and lots to fill our lives. The first days were too rocky (hospitals, both of us were in different hospitals and in different CITIES! for the first two days of her life) but she, being the resilient, brave little trooper she is, decided that nontheless, she liked the place and the family and stayed! So today she's at school, and I decided to surprise her sending her cupcakes and jell-o so she can share with her classmates.
Due to the AH1N1 alert that we are still in, the school officials suggested we do not make parties for the kids where they may be in contact with too many others and could end
anger them. But since her classmates are with her anyway, I asked and got permission to bring some treats to her class so she could celebrate with her little friends!

I made some Zuchinni Cupcakes with chocolate chips and nuts, and cream cheese frosting.

My dear Judith, God bless you!! happy birthday!!

Sonia Shrug Crochet Pattern

Hello there!
For a while, Ale at Just Be Happy and yours truly have been working on a pattern for the shrug she designed. And now, here it is, finally!

With Ale's design and me writting the pattern, this has been a very fulfilling work! I've enjoyed tremendously working with her to bring this to you! you all know what a talented designer she is, and I am so glad to be able to be working with her...

Allow me a little aside... who would have thought one day a girl from Mexico would be working with a girl from Brazil while she's in US and be part of a team that brings to you a pattern such as this... I mean, when I was growing up WE DID NOT EVEN HAVE CELL PHONES! let alone be able to work with some one at a distance without having to wait four weeks for the mail to get back and forth with pattern, samples, etc...

Ok, back to the shrug. Both Ale and me will be selling the pattern here in our blogs and in our etsy stores. So give it a try! it is really worth it!

I've made a couple so far, using different yarns and hooks, and it looks incredible!!!

Tell your friends! hehehehe!

Featured Etsy Blogger: Memories for life

Ever since I was a kid, one of the things I loved most about the new school year was getting new school supplies. I couldn't wait to come home, take everything out of their package and get them ready for the new classes that I still did not love, fear or loathe. It was perfect, everything spoke volumes of possibilities. I loved to sharpen my pencils, put my name to pens, sharpeners, typewriter (in high school). But the smell of fresh, crisp paper of the notebooks was my favourite, along with the ink from the books.

That fascination with crisp paper remains even today. While shopping for my girls' school supplies, I could not help but wanting to get something for me. So when I saw Memories for life's etsy store being featured, I spent quite some time drooling over the items in the shop!

I have limited experience in scrapbooking, but even looking at the photos of the articles in Memorie's shop me want to flip out the photos of past trips and start documenting them!!!

Go check the shop out! it is absolutly adorable

Friday fill ins (a day late, yet again) we go!

1. I feel __much better, thank you friends!___.

2. _____Playing with friends (music or anything else)______ is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: _____Dido, customers, the clanking of pots in the kitchen behind me...______.

4. _____I'm a wife and mother of two, living in a small town______ and I'm glad ____that I chose this path of life_______.

5. The last time I ____watched a guy movie and loved it_______ was _____three days ago, Wolverine: X men origins______.

6. ____I'm resting!_______ this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __a walk in the afternoon with my families___, tomorrow my plans include __finish my laundry!___ and Sunday, I want to ___win the Melate!!!__!

Sometimes blogs are hard to write...

Have you wondered sometimes why friends stop writting in their blogs for a while? they are chatting away like a breeze, and then they just go mute. I often did.

Recession is hitting hard in all quarters, in all the world. Except for a few odd nations, it has hit everyone, some harder, some not quite so. I have friends all over the world, blog friends, chat friends, childhood friends who married and left and some who just packed up and decided to see the world. Some of them claim they never will come back to our country. Some others are aching to do so, but their families have lifes of their own. Almost all tell of their happy times wherever they are, but often dissapear and I know nothing of them for weeks at a time. In some cases, for years.

I have recently discovered why my parents said to me that I should enjoy while I was carefree. Carefree? didn't they understand I had homework to do? exams to prepare? decisions to make? Didn't they know I was a nerdy, not really popular girl at school?

Boy was I dumb.

I have not written in a while because I have been a bit depressed. And I didn't want to pass it on to you. I would open the blog window, get ready to write and feel sick to my stomach because I could not write anything cheerful enough for you. I've always thought that the best you can do for others is help make their life a little easier, even if it is only by providing them with a small window of refreshing chat, of good news, of spirit lifting reading. So it was hard, hard, hard to write. I ended up closing the browser, feel miserable and wait for the Friday Fill ins (thank you, Gloria!) that at least allowed me to focus in the better sides of my life.

And then it struck me. This was not a place to pretend to be someone else. This was not an act. I could not just show the better side of my life because who can truly connect with someone who pretends her life (and herself! ) to be perfect! nothing further from the truth! and some very brave, very honest women, very wonderful women put me to shame.... Ale, Tammie, Heather, Rudee, Gloria, Tanya... you have certainly showed me that life doesnt have to be seen through deceiving, rose tinted glasses because it is not sane to do so. I've learned from you that life is what it is, and there's no need to be gloomy, that even when things suck big time, you can always see a silver lining.

So this is me, admiting that I've been feeling down. That I've not been as self confident as I pretend to be. And that's why I quoted Reba: "nothing feels as good as letting go".

This post is a big thank you to all of you, my bloggie friends. Thank you for all you give of yourself, and thank you for helping me keep my sanity.

You can call me from now on Lady Grey.


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