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A love affair

Lots of things have been going on amok in my life. It's been a bumpy ride for some time now. My present journey brought me back to music. To music for God, specifically. Before crafting, before sewing and such, I had a love for music. Which was promptly nipped in the bud by a choir director who sent me packing my bags. He said I was no good at singing, that I sang off key, and he did not have a girl's guitar class, so I was dismissed very ungracefully. I was 11 years old.

When I was 13, the Church of Santa Maria called for auditions for a new choir. 80 teenagers and youths showed up, me included. What can I say, I was an optimist, I had just had a lesion in dance class that had me wait for some time and since I had to fill the quota of classes, I sat in guitar class, so at least I knew there was something like a music scale.

To my amazement, I was one of the 25 chosen to remain and be part of the choir. I had to chose an instrument because -surprise!- I was not a singer. I knew it, accepted it and was thrilled to be part of it. I was the only girl playing guitar. I had to prove my worth, that' s what I thought when I picked my instrument. The other girls took what I considered cute instruments, really coquetish and pretty, like mandolins (still wish I'd learned to play one), tambourines, tubular bells and so. Our choir director did a wonderful job. Even if I wasn't a "voice" I felt part of something great, so great that I sang all day long when I could. I think I sang more than I practiced my guitar skills.

We performed for some years, had great times, switched director, and one day, a very odd thing happened. The musicians had rehearsal before the voices, and we were playing a song that I loved, called "Maravilloso Dios", Wonderful God. So, I start singing it just so we would see if the tempo was right. Well, it had been a couple of years and all that singing, well guess what it was? Practice! The director heard me and asked me to sing again. And then told me I would sing the song next Sunday Mass.

Oh. My.

Talk about scary. By now, a bit of the shine had worn off and two things I knew: I really had to give my best next Sunday.

And no matter what happened, I would be in hot water with "the voices".

To be continued....


Just be happy! said...

you are such an amazing person, so many skills, you just amaze me!

marigold jam said...

Sorry to hear you are having a bumpy ride in life just now but glad that you have found singing to be a help. We all have skills and that teacher was definitely out of order to tell you you were no good. Teachers are supposed to encourage latent talent not flatten a child's ego like that. Still you proved him/her wrong didn't you? We have had a TV programme here recently in which a young choir master starts a choir on a council estate and makes a 250strong choir from such inauspicious material. The people gain self respect and a sense of community and also learn that they CAN sing. Music is for everybody!

Jane x

Jane said...

What a lovely story. It was a bumpy ride but I have a feeling the singing turned out well. The same will happen with the bumpy road you're travelling now. Have faith, my friend.

Kar said...

I'm so excited for you CT. What did that teacher know when you were younger? Not much. :) You are going to be great!!!! Wish I was there to see you.


Libby said...

I will say it again, you are an amazing writer. I can't wait for part II!

Tanya said...

And what happened? And what happened? My mom once told me that I sang off tune and I've always been afraid to sing since... Ah well, more time to sew.

CT said...

Ale: Thanks, now you made me go beet red... again! LOL!

Jane (Marigold): I guess you can say I was disrespectful... I chose to sing for myself despite his comments! It was not that I wanted to sing, but rather that I HAD to.. it was kind of primal, something I cannot NOT do!

Jane: It did turn out better... And I am gathering faith and strength in the thought of this too getting better... thank you, my friend!

Kar: If everything turns out the way it should.. you MIGHT see me yet! LOL!.

Libby: keep spoiling me and you will not get rid of me, LOL!

Tanya: :D you will know what happens next.. I just have to get a couple of minutes to really sit down so I can tell you properly! :D


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