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Friday fill ins (a day late, yet again) we go!

1. I feel __much better, thank you friends!___.

2. _____Playing with friends (music or anything else)______ is always fun.

3. Right now, I can hear these things: _____Dido, customers, the clanking of pots in the kitchen behind me...______.

4. _____I'm a wife and mother of two, living in a small town______ and I'm glad ____that I chose this path of life_______.

5. The last time I ____watched a guy movie and loved it_______ was _____three days ago, Wolverine: X men origins______.

6. ____I'm resting!_______ this Labor day weekend.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __a walk in the afternoon with my families___, tomorrow my plans include __finish my laundry!___ and Sunday, I want to ___win the Melate!!!__!


Alhana said...

Better late than never! I like Wolverine too. [hormones speaking] :-)

Glo said...

Wolverine = Hugh Jackman in the buff!

I think I saw it the day it came out!



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