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I cannot believe how hard it is to get good yarn in here!!!! ok, I tried to recycle a la Laughing Purple Goldfish but... no luck. No good sweaters that are recyclable. I tried to get some Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo from the national distributor (she claims she is) but


Can you believe it? one has only to go to the Lion Brand website to see all those drool inducing, luscious yarns... there's the bamboo! there's the cotton! the wool!

Nope. She only has ACRYLIC.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but it is annoying when it is your one and only option...


There. That's (partially) out of my system. Now, to brood on. ta-tah!

On a considerably more cheerful note... check out the incredible bag at The Pond! this woman is cool! it turned out very nice!

laughing purple goldfish designs: looky here...

I had told you about some great Aussie women, hadn't I? (perhap's it's something in the water?) :)

Well, see what one of them is doing right now.

laughing purple goldfish designs: looky here...

while you are at it, read the rest of her blog! she is insanely smart!

Been a bussy leetle bee!

Sorry folks for that self praise, but I am so proud of myself! :) I have recently developed an addiction to knitting and crocheting, and since I can carry my projects along (unlike my beloved quilting... I believe I will have to start hand piecing and quilting! :( ) I've managed to make quite some progress.. that is, keeping in mind that I am jsut learning.

I'll show you some photos...

First, a scarf I made for my husband. He asked that it be in earthy tones, no fancy do-dads, thick and long (he is a tall guy) so here it is:
St. Francis is patiently modeling it. I HAD to add some interest because I would probably bore myself to death if I just purled one, knit one all the way through such a long scarf! it is longer than I am tall (well, that is not much so... it is about 5' 6") so I added three simple left slanting cables all along the scarf. Can you see them? I loved the colors he chose, and as soon as I wove in the ends he practically snatched it and started wearing it! Score!

Believe it or not, I've started my Christmas presents! this Shaped Ascot is for Mom. (shhh! don't tell her) Since she admired it I knew I just HAD to push myself out of my comfort zone and give those circular needles a try. I got a bamboo set, and boy am I glad I did! I'm loving it!

I think the problem with the other set I had tried before is that the nylon-plastic thingie that joins them (yes, it is a highly technicall term! nylon-plastic thingie) was too stiff and it kept coiling with my work already on them, and it was hard to untwist it! this on the other hand is very soft. I took this photo the day before yesterday, and I am already almost finished! I also tried Vanna's Choice for the first time, and I really like it! I'm trying to get hold of some bamboo thread but it is hard to get in Mexico :( . Mom admired a sweater that she saw in Custom Knits and I would really like to give it to her.

AND... I have no photos yet, but I also had my first try at knitting with DPN's!!!! I finished a wrist warmer in about two hours, from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, and it looks so nice! it was easy too!

Plus I finished my multidirectional scarf... Phew!

See why I'm proud? :)

Not MIA!... wait, I do tend to do that often, don't I?

Sorry, it has been a hectic month. But I am back, and with renewed optimism, I have a some New year's resolutions... ok, quit laughing now. I mean it. I know I just posted some resolutions, but now I have them polished and pretty, so here goes:

1.- First and foremost: this is the year I lose the weight I've been carrying around after two pregnancies. A whooping 40 pounds. ouch.I. MUST.GET. HEALTHY.

2.- I'm gonna make all my Christmas presents. Make, mind you. I am very insipired by an incredible woman, check out her blog, Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs. (wink- Hester, she's from your side of the pond! I might move over there, it seems to be THE place for great women!)

3.- I'm gonna work hard to get out of debt

That's it. And I am going to focus on this three.

Horaaay for Australia! Horaay for New Years resolutions!


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