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Looky here! It's done!

All done and only the weaving of the ends to do, but the first of the Christmas presents is done. I didn't have enough yarn to do some fringe, but perhaps I'll add some tassels in front and in the back, right at the middle.

I'm so happy I finished it and can move on to the next one! One WIP less, about three dozen to go! Just kidding. Or not. I'm not gonna fess up!

What are YOU doing?

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I have buttons!

Lovely, colorful buttons!

I had a very good experience with the seller, Little Red Cottage. She has her etsy shop at I really recommend her! She also has ric rac and other embellishments! As soon as the girls saw the buttons they started asking for coats that matched them! Hehehehe!

Gone to play with my new buttons!

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I'm loving it!

Do you like my hexagons? Aren't they lovely and crisp and kind of dutch? I guess it's the colors that remind me of the painted tiles, of little children, windmills and such.

It's gonna be a Christmas present. I won't keep it but I'm loving every minute of making it! I am putting a lot of prayers and a lot of loving thoughts for the recipient of it. I cannot say who is it for, it would ruin the surprise.

Thanks for all the comments on last post! I'm trying to make some progress on my presents so I can begin my quest to make a shawl like that beauty!

What are YOU making?

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I have been insanely busy these days and a small (VERY small) part of it has been crocheting. I have many WIPS, so I have not much to show you of my stuff. But I can tell you this much: I've already started working on my Christmas presents!

I wanted to show you the work of a very talented woman  whose adventures in knitting you can find in her blog, The Magic Pixie Knitter.  She makes wonderful things (her flickr page is a delight to browse) but what has recently blown my mind is this:

I mean, is it gorgeous or what????

Where do I start? I love the yarn, the color, the pattern, the execution!

Don't you wanna grab your needles and knit this beauty???????

I leave you with these lovely images, and hope to post some of my own soon!

happy weekend!

It's a bad idea to have scissors when bored...

... Or hair dye... Or anything permanent or semi-permanent...

Reason number 48: the "it's only hair" trap

You might think you CAN cut your own hair.

That photo on glamour you thought looked so cute? The one with the model in the catwalk? Yeah... Well, you are not Vidal Sassoon. Or Patrice. You are not even Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias. Unless you are a hairdresser with training or at least experience cutting your own kid's / brothers/ pets/neighbour's kid whose hair gave you the creeps, just don't go there. Ok? Slowly put the scissors down in the sink, next to the curler and that box of hair dye. Let's have a chat, shall we?

In the past I've cut bangs that were so crooked that to fix the cut they had to chop them to the middle of my forehead, way before that style came into fashion to be considered avant garde and look geeky instead.

I've dyed my hair black and then on a whim cherry red, and ended up with a black bob with inch long red roots. Not pretty. Mom cut it so only the red showed. Good thing I did it on a weekend, so my classmates thought I was "so rad!" because I did something completely crazy.

I've done the childish thing of cutting bangs and then to cover up the fact that a) I didn't ask my mom if I could use her scissors; b) I looked like a fright and c) I changed my mind, I proceeded to -get this - cut them up to the roots. Yes. I know. Mom couldn't stop laughing long enough to ground me, so at least something good came out of it.

Last night was a long one. After the girls were asleep, hubby wasn't home yet and wouldn't be for a long time yet, I was antsy and couldn't crochet (I can feel the collective gasp sucking me to the screen already) but I had my hook, yarn and scissors. Big J had just gotten a hair cut and I loved how her bangs looked! So I was -ahem- inspired! (Note: those bright ideas you get when you are tired and trying not to think of something? Write them down, read them once you are rested. Very few are really THAT good) I would cut my own bangs. Please notice my selective amnesia.

But I had been paying attention at Big J's cut, so this time I did things slowly, carefully, entirely contrary to other occasions. The result?

Well, you just saw my photos. The one on my profile and the one at the top of this post. I love my new bangs!

I feel pretty and grown up and chic and not at all geeky! Who'd have thought????

A bonus? Almost everyone has told me I look younger! Can you see my grin from your seat?
That means that I finally can wear red lipstick and not feel aged! Score!!!

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Trying it on for size

I tried the poncho on Little J to see if I had to add more rows (I don't have to!) And she right away wanted to have her photo taken. She even posed! Lol! I know the theatrics she gets from me, but I wonder where did she get her love of posing for (ack!) photos.

Not that I complain! Lol! I love photographing them! And this little poncho seems to like to spin, climb, twirl and jump, cause that's what she took off to do with my little one as an accomplice. And Mommy had to chase both of them. I mean, the cheek of the little striped one! She hasn't even had her ends woven in yet and there she goes running off to play!

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Right after the party...

Feeling a bit theatrical and entirely silly, I wanted to take a shot of both Miss Liz and the gloves. They received many compliments, and while Miss Liz had to wait at the back of my chair, the gloves danced and waved and toasted and had a great time! When it was time to go, Miss Liz perched atop my shoulders and gave a regal good by. At home I realized I'd been snapping pics right and left and had not taken a photo of my crochet work. So, here I am, at the glamorous location of my bathroom, showing them off. Pardon my pose, but since I don't like having my photo taken, I go into character!

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Party pics: flower girl

Isn't she lovely?
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Party pics: flower girl, the smallest one

My baby girl is big now!
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Attack of the flower girls!

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Yarn swap alert!

Ale at Just be Happy  is hosting a yarn swap! two skeins only! I love yarn swaps, they are a good way to connect with other yarnies around the world. So hop over to her fabulous blog and say "Aye!"

While you  are at it, check out her Etsy shop, she has some lovely items and patterns!

Spread a little love! tell your friends about it! let's see how many yarnies we get into the swap! the more the merrier!!!!

Feeling sexy!

After I finished Miss Elizabeth I saw an ad on a magazine and Drew Barrymore was wearing some sort of spandex gloves.

Ok, here's something you don't know. I'm a sucker for Drew. I'll watch almost anything with her on it. I love her style. If I could be friends with a celebrity I would choose her. And David Boreanaz. Throw in perhaps Dakota Fanning and we have a little party! Oh, right, I'm off track.

I took my leftover yarn (less than a third of a skein maybe). And I whipped put these (there are two of them, one of which is our photographer, clever little glove) to my delight and the astonishment of the men of my family. It was so funny, cause they were a bit baffled at how could I make them just watching the photo. I guess it's the same thing that happens when they are fixing a car and talking in something that resembles spanish but sounds like chinese to me. Hehehehe!

And they really are so fast to make! And so easy! I just frogged them like five times! Really. Lol!

I think I'm gonna wait for the wedding day photos to show you Miss Liz and these little ones that I haven't named yet... Any ideas?

Thanks for your kind comments about Miss Liz!
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Introducing Miss Elizabeth

She's finished and blocked and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to show it to you. I love how it looks on me and even on the hook!!! I'm thinking of pairing it with a jewel toned shirt and black trousers, high black heels for my SIL's wedding, and with a little something that I whipped out tonight after I finished Miss Liz, while chatting with my family at my parents' home.

It was so funny, cause the men were the ones that were more interested in following the development of said garment. Alas, I did not have time to weave in the ends and block the cuties, so they will have to wait.


Good night! Love finishing something that I enjoyed so much making!!!!!

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