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It's a bad idea to have scissors when bored...

... Or hair dye... Or anything permanent or semi-permanent...

Reason number 48: the "it's only hair" trap

You might think you CAN cut your own hair.

That photo on glamour you thought looked so cute? The one with the model in the catwalk? Yeah... Well, you are not Vidal Sassoon. Or Patrice. You are not even Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias. Unless you are a hairdresser with training or at least experience cutting your own kid's / brothers/ pets/neighbour's kid whose hair gave you the creeps, just don't go there. Ok? Slowly put the scissors down in the sink, next to the curler and that box of hair dye. Let's have a chat, shall we?

In the past I've cut bangs that were so crooked that to fix the cut they had to chop them to the middle of my forehead, way before that style came into fashion to be considered avant garde and look geeky instead.

I've dyed my hair black and then on a whim cherry red, and ended up with a black bob with inch long red roots. Not pretty. Mom cut it so only the red showed. Good thing I did it on a weekend, so my classmates thought I was "so rad!" because I did something completely crazy.

I've done the childish thing of cutting bangs and then to cover up the fact that a) I didn't ask my mom if I could use her scissors; b) I looked like a fright and c) I changed my mind, I proceeded to -get this - cut them up to the roots. Yes. I know. Mom couldn't stop laughing long enough to ground me, so at least something good came out of it.

Last night was a long one. After the girls were asleep, hubby wasn't home yet and wouldn't be for a long time yet, I was antsy and couldn't crochet (I can feel the collective gasp sucking me to the screen already) but I had my hook, yarn and scissors. Big J had just gotten a hair cut and I loved how her bangs looked! So I was -ahem- inspired! (Note: those bright ideas you get when you are tired and trying not to think of something? Write them down, read them once you are rested. Very few are really THAT good) I would cut my own bangs. Please notice my selective amnesia.

But I had been paying attention at Big J's cut, so this time I did things slowly, carefully, entirely contrary to other occasions. The result?

Well, you just saw my photos. The one on my profile and the one at the top of this post. I love my new bangs!

I feel pretty and grown up and chic and not at all geeky! Who'd have thought????

A bonus? Almost everyone has told me I look younger! Can you see my grin from your seat?
That means that I finally can wear red lipstick and not feel aged! Score!!!

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marigold jam said...

Looks good to me!


~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

LOL....I learned the hardway not to try and highlight or color my hair on my own. Your bangs however, look adorable on you! You are a braver woman that I!

Ashley said...

You once cut them at the roots? holy moly - that must've been terrible as they grew out! Were thick/wide headbands your best friend?

I like the new bangs! Very cute on you.

Caroline said...

I'm a fan of bangs, yours look really cute!!!

Libby said...

Yes, these bangs do look good on you! I remember cutting some bangs for Barbie and Skipper. I think I was just disappointed that they didn't grow back! lol

Tammie said...

love the bangs!

i once cut my hair so badly that i had to run out to the hairdressers and get it fixed immediately. it was soooo embarrassing.

Tanya said...

You look very glamorous and cute at the same time. And no one would believe you are mother to two sweethearts!


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