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Right after the party...

Feeling a bit theatrical and entirely silly, I wanted to take a shot of both Miss Liz and the gloves. They received many compliments, and while Miss Liz had to wait at the back of my chair, the gloves danced and waved and toasted and had a great time! When it was time to go, Miss Liz perched atop my shoulders and gave a regal good by. At home I realized I'd been snapping pics right and left and had not taken a photo of my crochet work. So, here I am, at the glamorous location of my bathroom, showing them off. Pardon my pose, but since I don't like having my photo taken, I go into character!

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marigold jam said...

Your crochet is lovely! Your girls too and I note they too are wearing crochet! Glad you all had a good time.


Tammie said...

ha. i love this. you should do more posts about the lives of the crochet items you create.

CT said...

Jane: thanks! This mother crow thought her girls were the loveliest of the party! :D and yeah, I crocheted them the sweaters too. Only Hubby didn't wear something I crocheted. Even the bride wore the garter I made (remember a few posts back?) It felt so nice, like I was hugging them when I saw them with their sweaters!!!

Tammie: hehehehe! Maybe I will. You know, when I was little I used to think inanimate objects had feelings too and a life when we weren't watching! I guess there was a bit too much Grimm and Andersen, with a bit of Perrault on my childish mind!

Libby said...

And, scene! You are very dramatic and I love it! What a beautiful set. :-)

craftygal86 said...

You look absolutely stunning! I love both the sweater and the gloves. Your daughters' sweaters are adorable too =D You've been busy!


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