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Introducing Miss Elizabeth

She's finished and blocked and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to show it to you. I love how it looks on me and even on the hook!!! I'm thinking of pairing it with a jewel toned shirt and black trousers, high black heels for my SIL's wedding, and with a little something that I whipped out tonight after I finished Miss Liz, while chatting with my family at my parents' home.

It was so funny, cause the men were the ones that were more interested in following the development of said garment. Alas, I did not have time to weave in the ends and block the cuties, so they will have to wait.


Good night! Love finishing something that I enjoyed so much making!!!!!

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Alhana said...

Beautiful miss Elizabeth!!

Libby said...

Oh, yes! This is sooo Miss Elizabeth. Beautiful!

CT said...

Nuria: muchas gracias! como toda dama victoriana, se sonrojó al contarle de tu comentario, jajajajaja!

Libs: thought you might like the name!;D lol! it just seemed so fitting! :D

Tammie said...


Caroline said...

Absolutely beautiful, would love to see it on!!!!

Victoria said...

Hi! I found this blogpost from ravelry. I would be soooo happy if you would help me with one thing. I really want to do the cape but I don´t understand how to increase the star stich. Would you help me? =) / Victoria


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