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Looky here! It's done!

All done and only the weaving of the ends to do, but the first of the Christmas presents is done. I didn't have enough yarn to do some fringe, but perhaps I'll add some tassels in front and in the back, right at the middle.

I'm so happy I finished it and can move on to the next one! One WIP less, about three dozen to go! Just kidding. Or not. I'm not gonna fess up!

What are YOU doing?

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Just be happy! said...

it feels good to finish a WIP, doesn't it?
I am making a new flower afghan, loving it!

Libby said...

Wow, I'm still in shock that this is a Christmas present. You're really on the ball! Love the poncho. :-)

I'm knitting that furry scarf. Even though I'm not too much a fan of the yarn, I must admit that the scarf is so pretty to look at and so soft to the touch that it keeps me going.

Alhana said...

It looks great as it is and will look even better if you add some tassels (I love tassels!). Some lucky girl will be delighted next Christmas. :-)

Kar said...

Love the color you used for the poncho. I'm not even thinking of Christmas presents yet. You are good! Also love the blue and white hexagons you were working on. Very pretty!

gwengoods said...

Really pretty color, did you get your yarn!


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