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Trying it on for size

I tried the poncho on Little J to see if I had to add more rows (I don't have to!) And she right away wanted to have her photo taken. She even posed! Lol! I know the theatrics she gets from me, but I wonder where did she get her love of posing for (ack!) photos.

Not that I complain! Lol! I love photographing them! And this little poncho seems to like to spin, climb, twirl and jump, cause that's what she took off to do with my little one as an accomplice. And Mommy had to chase both of them. I mean, the cheek of the little striped one! She hasn't even had her ends woven in yet and there she goes running off to play!

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craftygal86 said...

love it!

Just be happy! said...

oh my, CT!
love the poncho and little cutie pie J posing, too!


Rudee said...

She's a beautiful model! The poncho is adorable.

CT said...

Ash: Thanks!

Ale: Thank you! lol! She IS a cutie pie, isn't she?

Rudee: Thanks!!! She likes to model so bad and then look at the photos right away! LOL! I like how the poncho turned out, thanks! left out the fringe, though

Libby said...

I don't know how I missed this post too! This is a very nice poncho and your little one looks great in it. :-)


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