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I'm loving it!

Do you like my hexagons? Aren't they lovely and crisp and kind of dutch? I guess it's the colors that remind me of the painted tiles, of little children, windmills and such.

It's gonna be a Christmas present. I won't keep it but I'm loving every minute of making it! I am putting a lot of prayers and a lot of loving thoughts for the recipient of it. I cannot say who is it for, it would ruin the surprise.

Thanks for all the comments on last post! I'm trying to make some progress on my presents so I can begin my quest to make a shawl like that beauty!

What are YOU making?

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Just be happy! said...

I am loving it too!

I am working on a recycle tote bag, and after that I'll make another flower afghan.


Libby said...

still working on that knitted furry scarf and just got started on a custom baby blanket...

this is going to be really nice, CT!

CT said...

Ale, the totes and the afghan I wanna try too! Yours turn out so cool!

CT said...

Libs, the fun fur got easier?
I don't know why I love making baby blankets

Alhana said...

They remind me of Finland rather than the Netherlands - don't know why. They are beautiful!

I am working on a summer cardi and next project will be a shawl. :-)

CT said...

Thanks Nuria! Is the cardi knitted? I love your knitted garments!

Alhana said...

Yup, another Jane Austen knitted cardigan. I am using a thin summer yarn, feels so nice working with it!


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