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Coming up roses...

Another two in a day....

Do you detect a trend here?????

I told you that yesterday I received a bunch of books from Amazon, didn't I?

Well, I browsed them and am deligthed with my purchases (kinda reminds me of a post by The Waiter... yup, the same one from Waiter Rant- the blog AND the book).

I have already selected the projects from each book that I want to make for my family this Christmas.

From "Last minute patchwork and quilted gifts" I'll make the birds (only in blues) for my sister in law, four of them in blue and a couple a bit bigger. They lost two babies, and they have two sons, so I'll make the whole family for her to have in her room.

I'm making another set for my other sister in law, with one blue birdie, two pink ones and two big ones.

For the kids: I have already started a Teddy bear for each of the boys, and for the girls I am making a cloth doll.

For the babies: All the critters from Aranzi Aronzo are jumping up and down at me to make them! I still have to select which ones (I wanna make them all!) and switch the colors to bright ones, like the lizard in a very bright... pink!

I am also treating myself with Jennifer Chiaverini's novels. hehehehe! And making a pencil roll for myself. And finishing the scarves... and making matching scarves for bears and dolls...

i think I better leave the computer and get working! See ya!

A new stash!

My husband is a bit wary now when I ask if I can come along when he does his errands in a city two hours away...

That usually means he'll end up spending HALF the day on MY errands, that will most likely be scavenger hunts for fabric, needles and yarn. Such was the way on Thursday. I am getting quite annoyed at the fact that yarn here is scarce, expensive and you cannot get natural fibers if your life depended on it, other than cotton. No wool, no alpaca, forget about any other more fancy stuff. And if you want to get circular needles, there's only ONE size. #6. 32". That's it. No dpn's, either

So I got my acrylic, poliester and cotton yarn, a new set of bamboo needles and some beads and started a scarf for my niece in pretty girly colors (beige, lavender, pink and peony) with pink beads that is comming out quite nice. The little lace gloves I was dreaming of will have to wait until I find a way to get needles from US, and maybe someday I'll be able to knit something soft, an alpaca sweater or something. One can always dream, right?

Meanwhile, I am drooling with the new books I got from amazon. Wanna know which ones?

Well, the latest shipment included:

  • 1 of: Crafting Cloth Dolls
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: The Quilter's Kitchen: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel with Recipes
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Aranzi Cute Stuff
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls (Let's Make Cute Stuff)
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: The Winding Ways Quilt (Elm Creek Quilts Series #12)
    Sold by:, LLC

But they won't send needles to México!!! sob! sob!!!

I think I will start making a dent in my fabric stash, for birthdays and Christmas presents have to be made, regardless of dpn's and yarn (and time!) shortage.

It was sew good to let this out of my system!!!! see you around!

Mommy REALLY wants!

The bicycle.... I love the wicker(willow?) basket!!! I love the thin wheels! I love the color, the light, the handlebars... everything!!!! If I could look THAT good riding it too... sigh!, and in ITALY!!!!!!!

Thanks to The Sartorialist for posting this incredible photo, by the way...

If anyone knows where in the US they sell that kind of baskets and wether they ship internationally, please let me know!!!!!

Did I mention I love the bicycle?

Enough is enough!!!!!

Do you like my lace?

I only started it oh... say... twenty times...

Actually, about twelve times. Seriously. In three different yarns and needle sizes. I started and frogged them. ALL of them.

Maybe the yarn is wrong.... nope, not the yarn. Tried different materials as well as different weights.

And then, when I was frogging it for the twelft time, it struck me.

It is not the yarn. It is not the needles. It is not even the pattern.

It is the people!!!!!! all day long, people have engaged me in conversation when i am halfway the first repetition of the pattern, causing me to be distracted and lose my focus... The needless int

Sorry, it happened again while I was


I had never realized how many times

I'm making this experiment of stopping writting as soon as someone


Maybe tonight I can make that lace. I'll finish this post BEFORE anyone else

there you go.

I give up.

It ended up becoming a vest...

For my first knit item, it turned out quite nice! I coldn't wait to show it ot you, so I put it on to model it... good thing this things stretch! I now have to block it (I know, I should have done that prior to joining the pieces, but it was not doable where I was today (I finished the "sleeve" this afternoon") so I went for it and sewed it together... it still needs a little something... perhaps some ribbon going up the "lace" in the middle (it sounds funny to call that lace when the thread is so thick!)

Anyway... I am about to start another, more ambitious project. If it turns out well, I'll post it , and if it doesnt... well, my kids need another washcloth!

Mommy wants!

I just met this gorgeous bag! it is by Jordana Paige, and it is not only beautiful but functional!!! (yeah, like I need to convince myself I want it!)

Now, about my absense... my girls have been quite ill lately, so I have not had the chance to log on, nor wake up early enough to proceed with my UFOs. I cannot do it when I (and their daddy) spend the nigth awake... so, needing an outlet to my creativity, I've taken to


Boy, was that a mistake. It is addictive. My grandmother (may she rest in peace) once tried to teach me, but I was little... so I had to dig up from my memory what little I learned then. I'm making a sweater for myself, which is rather a sampler, a place to practice all the stitches I can remember before I tackle anything too serious, or for others... hehehehe! I'll show you a photo when I am done...

That's my Judy calling... see you around!

A nice corner...

seating, originalmente cargada por artsy-crafty.

Artsy-crafty has this photo in her album... I love it! I would like to have a little corner like this in my home so I could relax and embroider the day away!!! mmmm... no such luck! and with two little girls (adorable but too curious like all little ones are) I cannot have corners like this in my home yet!

Oh well!

The mighty one is here!

Ok, the software package is here. I am currently studying the tutorials, so don't expect anything resembling a coherent post today (I'm comming and going from this post to the tutorial and back... and so on and so forth)

I can't wait to start using it... although...

(shame, shame!) my Brother PE 700II is STILL inside her box!!!!! Gotta make more time!

At least I have all the new fabric washed and pressed now.... phew!

And why the old sewing machine? I'm aiming to get one that looks just like this, I have my eye on one here in my town... Just in case I can't buy my grandmother's !

make that three...

Ok, what started as a good day, then turned blue has now made yet another turn. I'm two breaths past an anxiety attack. That means I had the anxiety a bit ago and now I am in attack mode.

You see, I bought an embroidery machine, a Brother PE 700 II (yup, that one in the photo). Ok, that is not anxiety provoquing. Not even the fact that I'm gonna be VERY VERY pressed to make the bill payments with this new credit.

The thing is that I bought it with one thing in mind: take a leap and try to make money with stuff that I love to do. I already embroider by hand (and I am not too bad at it) but since a lot of people have asked to buy little things I make for my girls, and I don't have the time to do them, I decided to invest in that thingie and help myself.

If you are reading this blog, you already are in love with all things fabric, but, could you please help me out? I have some ideas, but I need more! more! more!!!!!!! (remember I told you I was in attack mode?)

So please, feel free to help a girl out.

Two entries in a day.

I am trying to distract myself. And I HAD to let it all out .... I'm blue! a deep shade of blue.

So maybe I need cheerful stuff to inspire me. Today I cooked on a deep dish, a thing of beauty that I save for special ocasions, great for baking bread and maybe vegetables, or a souflé.. you know the kind. It was a wedding pressent.

Well, today I made a dish in it, a vegetable dish that is very simple but that my kids and I love (hubbie is still thinking about it) and after we had eaten, we had company. Well, said company went into the kitchen to have a glass of water and opened the fridge looking for a jug of lemonade...

... and in getting the said jug....

... pushed my beautifull dish... that went all Humpty Dumpty. Vegetables and all.

It was all I could do not to sit down and cry. Perhaps it is not that important. Then again, I'm a bit weepy because bad stuff happened in my family. My cousin, well she started the year single, married five months ago, and as of the day before yesterday, she is a widow. She and her husband (may he rest in peace) dated for almost ten years before marrying. He was 25 years old, and she is 24.

Yeah. It sucks. Big time. I think I'll have my cry now that I am alone.

Wash time!

I recently bought a few goodies, cotton printed cloth to make stuff for my girls, and I must admit, to have some scraps for quilts! So this morning they went ALL into the washer.

I have a ligth denim that I plan to make some jumpers and skirts, combined with a pretty floral in pink and another in blue. (As soon as I have them ironed and folded I will post a photo). Then there are two ligth wools that will make pretty gray coats (with pink lining, of course!) for this winter. A creamy yellow with small pink and white flowers, a red, gold and green roses tiny print that makes my mouth water. And for momma (moi) a sturdy denim that I plan to make into a bag. I'll soften it with a clear, sweet cotton print for a lining.

This thursday is my day off, so I want to make sure I can make the most of what time I have. I really want to try that new embroidery machine!!!!!!

Plus, I'm thinking up projects that are easy to sew and good enough to sell. That Brother is going to pay for herself! LOL!

This is me

I've been flirting with crafts ever since I can remember. For some years, I agonized because I could not find anyone who taugth me how to quilt (my mother had taught me to sew and embroider, my grandmother to knit... although i am not patient enough to knit well).

Finally, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and teach myself how to make quilts. And then I realized there was SOO much into it! The design! the cutting! the piecing! the quilting! I LOVE IT!

My love for all kinds of fabric was reborn. With a vengeance.

You see, I am a mother of two who works about ten hours a day, with a day off a week and every other weekend off. That doesn't leave too much time for crafts! I'm not exactly on the wealthy... scratch that, I'm in deep debt, my hubbie has hit a mean slim streak at work and money is tight, so quitting my job is out of the question. Thus, I have to grab whatever is possible in matters of time.

That means exactly what you are thinking. During the day I belong to my work, at dusk I belong to my daugthers and husband, night has me for dreams but the wee hours of the morning... THOSE are the ones I can have an orgy of planning, designing, cutting and sewing.

This is a journey that only now I start to blog. Join me. Be my companion. Share a bit of my soul in our love of crafts, lovely things and anything fabric.


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