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Two entries in a day.

I am trying to distract myself. And I HAD to let it all out .... I'm blue! a deep shade of blue.

So maybe I need cheerful stuff to inspire me. Today I cooked on a deep dish, a thing of beauty that I save for special ocasions, great for baking bread and maybe vegetables, or a souflé.. you know the kind. It was a wedding pressent.

Well, today I made a dish in it, a vegetable dish that is very simple but that my kids and I love (hubbie is still thinking about it) and after we had eaten, we had company. Well, said company went into the kitchen to have a glass of water and opened the fridge looking for a jug of lemonade...

... and in getting the said jug....

... pushed my beautifull dish... that went all Humpty Dumpty. Vegetables and all.

It was all I could do not to sit down and cry. Perhaps it is not that important. Then again, I'm a bit weepy because bad stuff happened in my family. My cousin, well she started the year single, married five months ago, and as of the day before yesterday, she is a widow. She and her husband (may he rest in peace) dated for almost ten years before marrying. He was 25 years old, and she is 24.

Yeah. It sucks. Big time. I think I'll have my cry now that I am alone.

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