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I just met this gorgeous bag! it is by Jordana Paige, and it is not only beautiful but functional!!! (yeah, like I need to convince myself I want it!)

Now, about my absense... my girls have been quite ill lately, so I have not had the chance to log on, nor wake up early enough to proceed with my UFOs. I cannot do it when I (and their daddy) spend the nigth awake... so, needing an outlet to my creativity, I've taken to


Boy, was that a mistake. It is addictive. My grandmother (may she rest in peace) once tried to teach me, but I was little... so I had to dig up from my memory what little I learned then. I'm making a sweater for myself, which is rather a sampler, a place to practice all the stitches I can remember before I tackle anything too serious, or for others... hehehehe! I'll show you a photo when I am done...

That's my Judy calling... see you around!

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