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Enough is enough!!!!!

Do you like my lace?

I only started it oh... say... twenty times...

Actually, about twelve times. Seriously. In three different yarns and needle sizes. I started and frogged them. ALL of them.

Maybe the yarn is wrong.... nope, not the yarn. Tried different materials as well as different weights.

And then, when I was frogging it for the twelft time, it struck me.

It is not the yarn. It is not the needles. It is not even the pattern.

It is the people!!!!!! all day long, people have engaged me in conversation when i am halfway the first repetition of the pattern, causing me to be distracted and lose my focus... The needless int

Sorry, it happened again while I was


I had never realized how many times

I'm making this experiment of stopping writting as soon as someone


Maybe tonight I can make that lace. I'll finish this post BEFORE anyone else

there you go.

I give up.


hester said...

Hi Citlani...You're amazingly persistent! I would have given up long ago. An hour of uninterrupted time for a mother is like gold, isn't it?

I forgot to tell you that the puppy was named Mr Darcy by the breeder. She must be a Jane Austen fan. His two brothers are called Secret Admirer and Just Dandy.

CT said...

You bet!!!! LOL!!! and my kids only called me ONCE in all that time!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! the rest were from people asking me silly stuff, like "did you watch Survivor last week" (they know I don't!) or "where are the cheetos?" (there's never junk food in the house.... I give up!


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