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The day after Xmas...

I have made my next years resolutions. Not on New Years Eve. Not on NewYears Day. On the day after Christmas.

I WILL start making my presents in January. Making, mind you. Not buying. And I WILL finish the teddy bears I was supposed to give my nephews and the dolls I was going to make for my nieces. And judging from the eyes my nieces made at the play kitchen my parents gave my girls, I will throw some small aprons, chef hats and mits. I am alreay picturing them! so cute!!!!!

I WILL work out, at least three times a week. And watch what I eat.

I WILL learn how to knit socks. I am terrified of them, and since I got a set of dpn's this Christmas, I have no excuses.

I WILL pay my debts. Maybe i should move this to the top of the list. I simply have no peace of mind knowing I owe such a big ammount.

I WILL fulfill that childhood dream of mine. Gosh, I feel so ashamed of myself for not living acording to it. It is this:


Can you believe I found a New Years resolution letter that I wrote when I was 9, andTHAT was the only item on it? why were we wiser then than now?

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

The year is almost gone...

This year has passed flying by, for me. I seem to have an altered time-space continium (sic... is it spelled right?) because by little J.E. was born just last week, and yesterday she was one year old! sigh!And J.A! where does she get all those ideas? She amazes me daily with the things she asks and says and does!!!!! Gosh, those two girls are going to be quite a handfull! I seriously think in stopping here, because I don't know how could I handle even ONE more baby! lol!

December is the happiest and the saddest month of all for me. It is a month of merriment and goodbyes, of joy and endings. Want an example? on the 25th, I'm attending a Golden wedding. My great aunt and her husband celebrate 50 years together. Well, last week he got diagnosed cancer. LAST december, my daugther was born and my grandaunt Margherita got sent home from the hospital cause they could do nothing more for her, and she said she wanted to die in her home. See what I mean?

Until maybe two or three years ago, I really did not feel grownup at all. I felt just like I did when I was 18 or so. I think the difference between being young and grownup is not age related at all but rather in what you perceive. The world holds more joys and more pain as you get more aware of it. When I was younger, I was only aware of what I felt, what I needed, what I wanted. Suddenly I find myself devoid of the bubble wrapping that kept me appart from the rest of the world, and thus I am directly exposed to all of it's glory, it's fury, it's... humanity.

And yet, I would not change it for anything! because I am beggining to suspect that I owe all of this to the little girls I was talking about earlier. It is because of them that I realize how frail life is, how precious. I love my husband, but I LIVE for my daugthers.

So... I think now would be a time to start preparing myself for the time when they will leave the nest (thanks, Anna Maria, for the reference to birds/family that got all this going on within my brain! I don't know wether to thank you or resent you! lol!) It will take me ages to be ready, so I really must start now! lol!

Can you believe that when I started to type, the theme of this post was to be a New Year's Resolution?

Maybe some other time. ta-tah!

I am at wits end!!!

I ran out of bobbin thread for my PE 700II!!!!!

Halfway through a project!

And the thread I ordered from Guadalajara STILL has not arrived (it has been two weeks since they should have sent it!!!!)

As you can see, this post is just to vent. Moving on. Ta-da!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

I am a few days ahead, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, because I know we are all going to be extra busy these last few days with all the present making and such!!! Merry Christmas!

My kind of thing!

Guess what I found?!?!?!?! Heather, you are going to love this one if you have not yet found it on your own...

A blog. Dedicated to Anne of Green Gables.

Wait, that's not all. A READ and KNIT along blog. An Anne of Green Gables knit and read along blog!!!!!!!!...

(dances around her laptop while her daughters laugh at her a wee nerviously... poor things, I think I scare them sometimes)

HORAAAAY! more kindred spirits!

Have you read the books? was anyone else in love with either Gilbert or Walter Blythe? sigh! don't tell my husband! lol!

Anyhow.... it made me itch to start a knit and read along... or a sew and read along...


I would like you to suggest a book or books you would like to read and a project. Then I'll put up one of those "vote" thingamagigs and we will decide which book and which project we'll start. I do think it will be fun, because here's the catch: Needles and Thimbles will have to do the same thing. Like, if a scarf is the item chosen, then those who knit (Needles) will knit a scarf and those who favour sewing (Thimbles) will have to make a scarf... wether in patchwork or any other means. That means that if we choose to do say... a bedspread, Thimbles will sew it but Needles will have to work double knitting it, in a smaller scale if you like... how do you like it? it is open to suggestions. :)

I would like to read " A Tangled Web". And I ache to start a knitted beret from "Custom Knits"

Love the weatherl.... well, not so much.

Weather has been really cold down here, and I usually like cold weather... but my girls are coughing all night long and don't get enough rest. Hence,neither do mommy or daddy. Pardon me if my ramblings make no sense at all...

Yesterday I played around with my embroidery machine and came up with some ideas that I can't wait to try out! I was about to grab my rotary cutter when my baby woke up and I spent the rest of the morning dancing and playing with her and .... well, doing more important stuff than earning money. Yup, I mean to put my PE700 to work. Enough of sitting pretty, just working for fun. I am going in earnest.

I promise I will post photos of all the scarves that I finished knitting/am knitting/am about to have finished knitting/will start knitting.... Right now my days are too hectic! FUN!


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