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Love the weatherl.... well, not so much.

Weather has been really cold down here, and I usually like cold weather... but my girls are coughing all night long and don't get enough rest. Hence,neither do mommy or daddy. Pardon me if my ramblings make no sense at all...

Yesterday I played around with my embroidery machine and came up with some ideas that I can't wait to try out! I was about to grab my rotary cutter when my baby woke up and I spent the rest of the morning dancing and playing with her and .... well, doing more important stuff than earning money. Yup, I mean to put my PE700 to work. Enough of sitting pretty, just working for fun. I am going in earnest.

I promise I will post photos of all the scarves that I finished knitting/am knitting/am about to have finished knitting/will start knitting.... Right now my days are too hectic! FUN!

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