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Guess what I found?!?!?!?! Heather, you are going to love this one if you have not yet found it on your own...

A blog. Dedicated to Anne of Green Gables.

Wait, that's not all. A READ and KNIT along blog. An Anne of Green Gables knit and read along blog!!!!!!!!...

(dances around her laptop while her daughters laugh at her a wee nerviously... poor things, I think I scare them sometimes)

HORAAAAY! more kindred spirits!

Have you read the books? was anyone else in love with either Gilbert or Walter Blythe? sigh! don't tell my husband! lol!

Anyhow.... it made me itch to start a knit and read along... or a sew and read along...


I would like you to suggest a book or books you would like to read and a project. Then I'll put up one of those "vote" thingamagigs and we will decide which book and which project we'll start. I do think it will be fun, because here's the catch: Needles and Thimbles will have to do the same thing. Like, if a scarf is the item chosen, then those who knit (Needles) will knit a scarf and those who favour sewing (Thimbles) will have to make a scarf... wether in patchwork or any other means. That means that if we choose to do say... a bedspread, Thimbles will sew it but Needles will have to work double knitting it, in a smaller scale if you like... how do you like it? it is open to suggestions. :)

I would like to read " A Tangled Web". And I ache to start a knitted beret from "Custom Knits"


hester said...

Isn't that a great photo of Megan Follows? She was great in the first couple of movies but they went so horribly wrong with the World War I one. Why couldn't they just stick to "the facts"? I am about to check out the blog. I am not so good at making things but I'll give it a try. Are we choosing an LMM book? My vote would go to Anne's House of Dreams.

CT said...

YES!!!! finally! Someone else who feels kinda cheated by the last movie! They could have done SO much with all the material that LMM "left" them! hahahaha!

Actually, I wasnt going to stick to LMM... A Tangled Web just happens to be a personal favourite outside of the Anne books. But it does seem like a good idea!!!!! tell your friends! hahahaha!


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