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Snip snip!

It's fun to draw a pattern and cut the pieces! Now on to the sewing machine!
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The little director

Before Mass this Sunday, getting ready to direct the choir. I love this girl of mine! She jumps in with both feet and explodes with joy every single day. The world is not big enough for this fierce little warrior woman. She's fighting since the day she was born and is decided to make an impression in this world. God Bless you and keep your, my little girl!

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Been very busy

I have neglected this blog horribly. And during the girls' vacation, I will be around a computer even less! So this is about to become a "photoblog" for a while!

These are my hens. I would love if someone could tell me the names of the breeds in english! I've been researching and I think the black ones are Plymouth Rocks and the red ones are Rhode Island Reds. They are just fifteen weeks old! the one on the far left is the rooster. :D

See you around, friends!


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