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When food is good AND pretty, it's hard not to feel inspired.

And if you catch these freshly picked, early in the morning at the market, it's impossible to resist picking them up. I'm just sorry I didn't have the chance to snap a pic of the gorgeous girl selling them. I see her everyday, and most days she's just a regular girl with too much makeup and too "notice me" clothes.

Today? Her curly dark hair was gathered in a loose bun at the top of her head. She wore a red tee and faded jeans, no makeup and a white bandanna in her hair, tied up next to her bun.

Today you could notice her creamy dark skin, her black eyes and full lips. She smelled of the flowers she had been tying in bundles, and I wanted to tell her how nice she looked, but she was obviously mortified about her look, and she barely looked anyone in the eye.

Are we all as self conscious and insecure at 17? Yes, I think most of us are. I was the girl who wore wacky, almost costumey. I still was that girl in college.

I wish I could say I still am. I keep in touch with a friend of mine who I went to high School with and who now is a priest. We talk maybe once a month, but we are still very good friends.
He asked me when had I started becoming so normal. When had I stopped being the girl who did not care what others thought and dressed to please herself, the girl who danced to her own beat.

I don't know. I think she's in here, somewhere. Maybe she's trapped by the "love handles". Maybe she's hiding. I don't think she went anywhere.

I hope she hasn't gone.

How did I get here from eating some flowers???

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BOOK REVIEW: Something old

Something old 
By Diane Christner

Katie Yoder is certain about some things:  Who her friends are; how things should be done. And she is happy to start living the dream of her childhood, hers and her friends’. Trouble is, life keeps getting in the way, making things happen the way they shouldn’t and setting her simple life in turmoil, making her doubt many things she was convinced of. Things are suddenly not black and white, but she begins to see the subtle shades of gray.

This is the first time I’ve read Mennonite fiction, since I usually veer towards Amish, and I was a bit disconcerted at first. I really liked getting to know a bit more about these hard working people,  opening my mind to other ways of thinking that are different to my own Catholic upbringing.  
Talk about opening one’s mind! Katie comes off at first as too judgmental, and a bit “holier than thou” even towards her friends, but everything that happens to her makes her start to painfully accept that there is room redemption, and that differences can divide or strengthen a friendship. The characters are nicely developed and the situations are believable, and the author succeeds in making the reader step into Katie’s mind (and shoes!)

A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for reviewing purposes. They opinions here stated are my own, and have not been influenced in any way. 


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