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Call me farmer CT

My three hens have all started to lay, and we get three eggs a day as of today! Yay!

Now where can I get pygmy goats, shipped to Mexico? Mmmm


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Love the weather!

Moreover, love the clothes you can wear! I've been receiving compliments on my scarf all day long, and I thought I'd show it to you!

I'm not a ghost, I swear! Even if I look like one!

I got even asked to teach several people how to do the ripple stitch! Lol!

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On the knitting front...

I needed a bit of mind rest and so I switched to knitting. Remember the scarf I was making? I've knit that one and FOUR others since, and have another one on the needles, plus this little beauty.

Some of you might recognize it. It's Versatility, from Knitty. It is such a fun pattern to knit, and this yarn is such a delight to work with! A half pound skein at $18 a skein, its going to be a present for my mom this Christmas. Although since my knitting is a little rusty and I have to work on it at night after the girls are asleep so I can pay attention to the pattern, that means I'm already really tired by the time I grab my needles, and I can only knit about 20 rows, tops! And that's rows with less than 50 stitches and a not very complicated mesh pattern plus some cables!

Still, I'm eager to knit a little bit every night. I love the feel of the yarn, because it's kind of... Buttery. It feels the way buttered sour cream biscuits fresh out of the oven for breakfast taste like, if you know what I mean. The pattern is the hot cup of coffee that goes with it.

It's a turkish acrylic and the color way reminded me of the Noro yarns! I think she's gonna love it, and I really like working with it.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to start saving and buy more of this yarn in the future!

See you around, friends!

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Warm and cozy

Hey friends! Just want to say hi and show you these cute balls of yarn. What are you making for your loved ones for this Christmas?
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