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Love the weather!

Moreover, love the clothes you can wear! I've been receiving compliments on my scarf all day long, and I thought I'd show it to you!

I'm not a ghost, I swear! Even if I look like one!

I got even asked to teach several people how to do the ripple stitch! Lol!

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Rudee said...

It's beautiful!

CT said...

Thanks Rudee!

Alhana said...

Where's the ghost? I see none!
That scarf looks beautiful on you.

Libby said...

Beautiful scarf and you look great in it!

CT said...

Nuria: lol! I have not tanned for the last 15 years! Lol!

Libby: thanks!!! ;D

Alhana said...

CT: neither do I!! lol


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