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Wash time!

I recently bought a few goodies, cotton printed cloth to make stuff for my girls, and I must admit, to have some scraps for quilts! So this morning they went ALL into the washer.

I have a ligth denim that I plan to make some jumpers and skirts, combined with a pretty floral in pink and another in blue. (As soon as I have them ironed and folded I will post a photo). Then there are two ligth wools that will make pretty gray coats (with pink lining, of course!) for this winter. A creamy yellow with small pink and white flowers, a red, gold and green roses tiny print that makes my mouth water. And for momma (moi) a sturdy denim that I plan to make into a bag. I'll soften it with a clear, sweet cotton print for a lining.

This thursday is my day off, so I want to make sure I can make the most of what time I have. I really want to try that new embroidery machine!!!!!!

Plus, I'm thinking up projects that are easy to sew and good enough to sell. That Brother is going to pay for herself! LOL!

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