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Feeling sexy!

After I finished Miss Elizabeth I saw an ad on a magazine and Drew Barrymore was wearing some sort of spandex gloves.

Ok, here's something you don't know. I'm a sucker for Drew. I'll watch almost anything with her on it. I love her style. If I could be friends with a celebrity I would choose her. And David Boreanaz. Throw in perhaps Dakota Fanning and we have a little party! Oh, right, I'm off track.

I took my leftover yarn (less than a third of a skein maybe). And I whipped put these (there are two of them, one of which is our photographer, clever little glove) to my delight and the astonishment of the men of my family. It was so funny, cause they were a bit baffled at how could I make them just watching the photo. I guess it's the same thing that happens when they are fixing a car and talking in something that resembles spanish but sounds like chinese to me. Hehehehe!

And they really are so fast to make! And so easy! I just frogged them like five times! Really. Lol!

I think I'm gonna wait for the wedding day photos to show you Miss Liz and these little ones that I haven't named yet... Any ideas?

Thanks for your kind comments about Miss Liz!
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craftygal86 said...

Love them!! You should write out the pattner. Great job! =D

Just be happy! said...

totally awesome!

Libby said...

These are fabulous, CT! I agree with Ashley. Get to pattern writing, missy. :-)

Rudee said...


Alhana said...

They will look fab with Miss Liz, there's no better partner to a Victorian lady than a pair of mittens. I vote for the pattern too. :-)


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