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I have been insanely busy these days and a small (VERY small) part of it has been crocheting. I have many WIPS, so I have not much to show you of my stuff. But I can tell you this much: I've already started working on my Christmas presents!

I wanted to show you the work of a very talented woman  whose adventures in knitting you can find in her blog, The Magic Pixie Knitter.  She makes wonderful things (her flickr page is a delight to browse) but what has recently blown my mind is this:

I mean, is it gorgeous or what????

Where do I start? I love the yarn, the color, the pattern, the execution!

Don't you wanna grab your needles and knit this beauty???????

I leave you with these lovely images, and hope to post some of my own soon!

happy weekend!


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

wow.. thanks!! I can't wait to see your shawl too. (^_^)

marigold jam said...

That shawl is really lovely but No I have to admit I don't feel at all tempted to try it myself as I know I'd never never finish something so fine!

JAne x

Ashley said...

wow, that's gorgeous!

Alhana said...

Wow that shawl is gorgeous! I wish I could make something like that. Good luck, CT! I can't wait to see yours.

p.s. not on my Christmas presents but I'm working on an autumn birthday present. Trying to be a diligent girl too. :-D

Libby said...

That is gorgeous! When I saw the feed on my blog dashboard, I thought: "Wow, CT has been keeping secrets. When did she knit this beauty?!" Thanks for sharing.

Just be happy! said...

lovely, lovely!


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