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Not MIA!... wait, I do tend to do that often, don't I?

Sorry, it has been a hectic month. But I am back, and with renewed optimism, I have a some New year's resolutions... ok, quit laughing now. I mean it. I know I just posted some resolutions, but now I have them polished and pretty, so here goes:

1.- First and foremost: this is the year I lose the weight I've been carrying around after two pregnancies. A whooping 40 pounds. ouch.I. MUST.GET. HEALTHY.

2.- I'm gonna make all my Christmas presents. Make, mind you. I am very insipired by an incredible woman, check out her blog, Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs. (wink- Hester, she's from your side of the pond! I might move over there, it seems to be THE place for great women!)

3.- I'm gonna work hard to get out of debt

That's it. And I am going to focus on this three.

Horaaay for Australia! Horaay for New Years resolutions!

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