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Just a little thank you...

... to all my bloggie friends! thanks for your kind comments and for being my friends!

I found a cute site that made me think of all of you. Operation Nice works under the premise that you can change someone else's day (life!) just by showing a bit of kindness. It can be a note left randomly, a pair of cupcakes for that lonely (or not so lonely, overworked) neighbor, a $5 in an unexpected place or a compliment in a dressing room. All of us can give a little something of ourselves, if only a smile and a nice word to our neighbors. Do unto others, right?

mmm... now I have to find a way to mail all of you a cupcake.....

EDIT: I followed a link to Melissa's other blog, 160 pages, and you should really hop over there! it is a delightful project!

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coloring in my life said...

yes it's just the small acts of kindness that encourage people through out the day-thanks for the link CT.
And boy I wish that cupcakes could be sent through the mail.
(you know I like to eat :)


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