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Sonia Shrug Crochet Pattern

Hello there!
For a while, Ale at Just Be Happy and yours truly have been working on a pattern for the shrug she designed. And now, here it is, finally!

With Ale's design and me writting the pattern, this has been a very fulfilling work! I've enjoyed tremendously working with her to bring this to you! you all know what a talented designer she is, and I am so glad to be able to be working with her...

Allow me a little aside... who would have thought one day a girl from Mexico would be working with a girl from Brazil while she's in US and be part of a team that brings to you a pattern such as this... I mean, when I was growing up WE DID NOT EVEN HAVE CELL PHONES! let alone be able to work with some one at a distance without having to wait four weeks for the mail to get back and forth with pattern, samples, etc...

Ok, back to the shrug. Both Ale and me will be selling the pattern here in our blogs and in our etsy stores. So give it a try! it is really worth it!

I've made a couple so far, using different yarns and hooks, and it looks incredible!!!

Tell your friends! hehehehe!


marigold jam said...

It looks great and yes you are so right about the cell phones, internet and so forth. Who would have imagined we could have a community of bloggers who feel we know each other yet live oll over the globe? Some technology is wonderful isn't it?!


Alhana said...

Cool! Is it available in XS size? Hope so!

craftygal86 said...

What a beautiful and detailed little shrug! good job ladies! Great collaboration!

Just be happy! said...

thank you CT it was nice working with you on this!

Ruth said...

Very cute.

I hope you have gotten my package for the yarn and ornament swap. I am anxious to know that it all arrived ok.


coloring in my life said...

very pretty, love the color!


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