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Happy Birthday, Big J!

Today, about this time of day (noon) a certain lady came to our lives, with very little in the way of baggage but with lots and lots to fill our lives. The first days were too rocky (hospitals, both of us were in different hospitals and in different CITIES! for the first two days of her life) but she, being the resilient, brave little trooper she is, decided that nontheless, she liked the place and the family and stayed! So today she's at school, and I decided to surprise her sending her cupcakes and jell-o so she can share with her classmates.
Due to the AH1N1 alert that we are still in, the school officials suggested we do not make parties for the kids where they may be in contact with too many others and could end
anger them. But since her classmates are with her anyway, I asked and got permission to bring some treats to her class so she could celebrate with her little friends!

I made some Zuchinni Cupcakes with chocolate chips and nuts, and cream cheese frosting.

My dear Judith, God bless you!! happy birthday!!


Alhana said...

Looks like she's going to have fun at school today! Happy Birthday little Big J! :-D

Just be happy! said...

happy birthday sweetie!

Rudee said...

A very Happy Birthday, Judith.

Your cupcakes look awesome, CT!

Tammie said...

happy birthday judith!! those cupcakes look amazing.

Glo said...

Oh those cupcakes look so good...yum! Your killing me CT with all these sweets.

Girl I have to lose 20 pds.

Libby said...

Happy Birthday, ladybug! I know she had one special day with the amazing cupcakes, her school friends, and her mommy!

CT said...

Nuria: apparently they all did, if we judge by the cake smeared little faces and big smiles!!!
Ale: thank you so much!!!
Rudee: Thank you! they tasted great too!
Tammie: thanks! want the recipe?
Glo: oh my! LOL! I know! I ate FOUR last night! LOL!
Libs: I hope she did! she was so tired by night she fell asleep one full hour before her usual bedtime!

coloring in my life said...

Happy Birthday!


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