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So many things to talk about... (photo intensive post!)

I present to you a proud and happy family! told you my girl was 3 years old on the ninth, didn't I? well, I don't know if it is usual in the rest of the world, but here in Mexico, we present our children when they are three years old to the Virgin Mary in a ceremony called "Consagracion" , consecration. We ask her to look after them and in the ceremony the priest reads the gospel where Jesus tells his disciples to allow the children to come to him... and then the child says a prayer. It is customary to dress the child either in their best gala or in semblance to a Saint or the Virgin or even as nuns or priests. Judith chose to be dressed as the Virgin. (yes, she did. That girl has very distinct clothing ideas)

That's us! Daddy, Judith, Esther and yours truly, for once in a dress and high heels!

Here she is, bringing her bouquet to the Virgin's statue and saying her prayer

That's her godmother holding her!
During the reading of the gospel.

She was so shy this day! and so proper! she did not run or toss her flowers or ... well, do all the things she usually does! she's such a good little girl! Looking at the photos, I can't believe this big girl is my baby... I must have done something really good earlier in life to deserve her and her sister!

Afterwards we had dinner, but I'll tell you all about it in the next post..

Oh, I know you want to know what I'm working on right now.... (yeah right! you are sitting on the edge of your seats!). Fear no more, here it is! I'm working in a baby blanket for a very much expected baby, for whom I ask of you to pray for!

I received a package a few days ago that I had to -very bravely!- refrain for a while from showing to you... Thank you so much Ruth, I loved it all! I had to keep it hush hush because I'm a terrible liar.

Yeah, what does it have to do with anything that I'm a terrible liar... well, I had to tell my swap partner something cause she was starting to suspect I was her secret partner, and I had to say YOU were! so, if I showed your package she would have caught me! sorry! sorry! sorry!

Look how pretilly it is wrapped! It was such a joy to open! and inside...
... these lovely goodies! two skeins of sock yarn in girlie colors (yaay!) and three ornaments: a bell, a large snowflake and a small snowflake that will be in the hands of my tree topper, an angel.

See how cute it is? and it is frosted! it has some shimmer to it!!! lovely!!!

I think I'm gonna try and copy this large snowflake and make more for my tree and my mother's too! Thank you Ruth! you are so sweet!!!


Glo said...

CT your little girls are beautiful like there mommy! You all look very
nice in your pics and again happy b-day to your little ninita. Love your swap ornament, very nice and below the cupcakes with the pink icing oh my goodness they look delicious.

Your little girls are a precious gift and god chose you to be the vessel to carry them into life and to guide them into becoming young woman with big hearts and dreams.

Enjoy every moment because they grow up very fast!

Tammie said...

i love these photos of you and your family. your little family is so attractive. you're a cute bunch.

your little gal looks so big and grown up. you're clearly beaming with pride. i love it!

Just be happy! said...

what a beautiful you have my friend!
the J's are simply adorable and you look beautiful, seriously!

Libby said...

You and your entire family are so beautiful! Thank you for showing us this special day for your little one. And, you received a great swap package too with lovely yarns. I know you will make something truly beautiful. :-)

Alhana said...

It must be custom in Mexico only, we don't do that in Spain. :-( But in my family hometown little girls dress as angels (fake feather wings included) for their older siblings' first Holy Communion! lol

You look fabulous, CT! And your girls are so cute, esp. Judith with her costume. Thanks for sharing with us!

craftygal86 said...

What a beautiful family you have! You look gorgeous in that dress and heels!
Your baby blanket looks very pretty and soft! And what a great swap package - love that snowflake!

Tanya said...

What a lovely family picture. AND YOU MY DEAR, ARE GORGEOUS! Your husband must be so proud to walk around with his three beauties! Congratulations on a very important day.

marigold jam said...

What a lovely family you have and do I read correctly that a baby is expected by you (or is it someone else?) If so many congratulations - I don't know if you follow Lucy's blog over at Attic24 but she too is expecting an addition to the family.


CT said...

Glo: thank you so very much! glad you liked the swap!
Tammie & Ale: heheh! now you got me blushing!
Libs: thanks! and for the yarn, I want to make some socks... but it is so beautiful that it might become something fancier!!!
Nuria: si, las costumbres difieren bastante, no? es lo divertido de conocer personas de tantos lugares distintos!
Ash: thank you! the blanket is a bit over halfway done already and I'm loving it!
Tanya: thank you! (I keep blushing!) my husband loves to take his girls everywhere, so I guess he must be proud! LOL!
Jane: no, I'm not expecting a little bundle of joy... for the time being I have my hands full with those two girls! my SIL is, after four pregnancies (her eldest is 8 years old and his brother is 7) and losing the next two babies, we are all praying and hoping this little angel joins the family (and secretly asking the Lord that it's a girl! lol!) But thank you for your kind wishes! I popped over at Lucy's blog! what a pleasant surprise!!!!


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