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I've been busy making these

41 made and asembled! only 439 to go!!!!!!
Pardon me while I go sit.

Edit: I just realized I did not take the photo with all the squares... I made six more squares after I took the photo yesterday. And the photo is dizzying!!! sorry guys! I tried to turn it around but my habilities with Blogger only go so far!!!!!! The squares are 6 inches and I am using the same colors in both, only reversed in the squares, so one will have LOTS of Raspberry pink and the other will have a LOT of blue.

It's funny how everyone that knows what I'm making is asuming the pink one will be for BH and the blue one will be for LH. I had not decided which would be whose, but yesterday that I spread them for the photo (it was so HARD to get a decent photo!!!) my daughters kept pulling one piece each... wanna guess who wanted which?


Libby said...

439! Just how small are your squares or how big is the bed? :-D

This is looking great. Your girls will enjoy this. :-D

Merynne said...

Wow! That is quite a few squares. You are so dedicated... I have made belts, scarfs, or shawls for several people. Can you guess why? Lol, I have only actually finished a few blankets:) These are beautiful, though. I am sure the finished look will be amazing!

Alhana said...

Wow, there are a lot!! Please sit down and rest :-D

Keep up the good work!

CT said...

Thanks for your comment! my squares are 6 inches, but I'm actually making not one but TWO blankets, one for each of my girls.

Merynne: you can say that again! actually, other than quilting, this is the biggest project I've undertaken!!!! keep your fingers crossed that these don't end up as shawls!

Alhana: Thank you very much! I believe I will... pass the Diet coke, please?

Just be happy! said...

you go girl!
I made a queen size granny square blanket, it was a lot of work, but I love it.
Your girls are so lucky to have a mom like you, you rock!

Michelle Walker said...

I could NEVER make anything so amazing!!!!


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