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About the swine flu

I've received a lot of emails from my friends, concerned about us here in Mexico. To all of you, thank you so much for writting.

I had decided not to post until I was in better spirits, and was going to wait out the disease before posting again, but in light of so many of you being so kindly concerned, I think I should let you know how we are doing.

I, for one, am scared. Ok, today a little less scared than yesterday when I heard the news that the disease had reached our state. Turns out that it hadn't, but it was regular influenza. Today I did not send BH to school, and about half an hour ago the Health Secretary decreed the closing of ALL schools in the country in an effort to shut the doors to any form of transmision of the infection.

So far, of the hundreds of deaths related to influenza only a couple dozen (only! ha!) are confirmed to be from the new virus. Most of the deaths occured in Mexico City, where polution is so high that people have very poor lung health.

I re-read what I'd written so far and can't believe how composed I look (in my eyes, at least). I haven't been able to sleep, and since the doses of vaccines are few and we do not have Tamiflu (that REALLY makes me mad!) there's no other way for me to protect my family than the regular measures: wear a mask, wash our hands frecuently and avoid crowded places. Can you believe Mass has been suspended? well, at least in the Church, as in the buildings. We can still hear Mass through the radio, but that is little comfort. It is now that I would gather more comfort from the familiar, beloved services. But sacrifices must be made. At least I keep telling myself so.

None in my hometown have been infected, but already you can see the streets with half the people you usually see around shopping. It is almost one pm, and I've only had ONE customer so far. I'm wearing a mask already, and feeling like Pilates since I'm washing my hands so often! (bad joke, sorry). None in my family are ill, either, so we are counting our blessings.

You know what scares me most? it's not even the disease, although it does frighten the heck out of me, but I keep imagining what would happen if there was a panic attack. As in, run for your lives, buy all you can , steal what you can't and let no one stand in your way. I really hate global catastrophe movies! I REALLY REALLY LOATHE THEM!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to the day when I can write to you and tell you it is over. Till then, I remain your very frightened friend in Mexico

Citlali Talina

*EDIT: more? not only the crisis, but the fever and now this?


Alhana said...

Aquí en España también ha llegado el pánico, sobretodo porque la gente que pasa sus vacaciones (lunas de miel la mayoría) allá en Mexico está en cuarentena en los hospitales. ¡No se habla de otra cosa en las noticias!

Me alegro de que estéis a salvo y no sea para tanto la cosa como se oye decir. Espero que vuelvas a escribir pronto.

¡Un abrazo!

Tammie said...

please hang in there.
and do keep us updated.
thinking of you.

CT said...

Alhana: espero que pronto pase esto... por todos! gracias y estare escribiendo. Te pido que nos recuerdes en tus oraciones

Tammie: I will keep posting, you bet! I am so glad to have such great friends as all of you are! please, remember us in your prayers. Thank you so much!

Just be happy! said...

I'm praying for all of these to end. I'm terrified too, there are some cases confirmed in the US, none in my state yet, but we are all afraid. I'm afraid too.

Merynne said...

There are two confirmed cases near us so far... it is very frightening. My husband is in medicine and has said that the biggest problem is a lack of proper antibiotics. Most of us here in the US who have healthcare will be fine and it really just hits like the regular flu. But for those without access to the right medications, it can be so horrible and is life threatening. I pray that your family stays safe and healthy! And thank for posting even when you don't feel so great. It is a wonderful encouragement. God Bless.

Rudee said...

Keep safe. You're in my thoughts.

Libby said...

CT, I'm sorry about all this that is happening too. I'm glad to hear that your family is safe and I will continue to pray for you/us all. Even though you cannot attend Mass right now, just take comfort in the Word that is already in your heart and continue to pray.

Keep on writing when you can.

Much Love,
Libby :-)

SueR said...

It's hard to know how serious it really is when the media is scaring the pants off everyone! Take care of yourself and the wee ones!

Michelle Walker said...

We will be praying for you and your family. Prayer is a wonderful thing, don't you think? Sometimes it's all you've got. I will be thinking of you!!!

hester said...

I'm thinking of you too and hoping with all my heart that you will all stay safe and the crisis will be over very soon.


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