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I love my girls

My girls love to pose for the camera.

And really... they are SOOO camera worthy. LOL!!! Mother crow speaking! hehehe! but seriously... I just love these girls!

BH is full of imagination, she's never still... unless you ask her to look at the camera

LH was so excited to have her photo taken. Can you see the anticipation in her eyes?

They were having tons of fun catching bubbles

Ok, you see, I lied before. She CAN sit still. Mom says that's the expression I have when I'm lost in thought too.

Did I tell you I love those girls?


Tammie said...

i love the bubbles.

Rudee said...

They're beautiful little girls. I love the last picture best. She looks like she could solve all the world's problems.

Libby said...

Oh my goodness, your girls are so adorable! I love these photos. Thank you for sharing your world with us!!!

Michelle Walker said...

They are such beauties! What a good mamma you are!!!

Just be happy! said...

you have the right to be proud, they are just adorable!!!


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