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I solemnly swear I'm up to no good

Well, actually, I'm up to a lot of stuff! but first, let me fulfill my promise and show you something that I marvel at:
Dear LH is learning to speak! and I love it when she pronounces a new word that I have not made an effort to teach her. I usually try to make her ask for her bottle by name, or her food, or some things like that, but I did not expect her to look at the comb, then say "comb", pick it up and start combing her hair! isn't it wonderful how babies learn?!

Little feet. I've always loved baby feet, but this are toddler feet. Where do they get all the energy? They jump and run and dance and tiptoe and are in perpetual motion all day long! Plus, those darling little toes!!

No, the camera did not go wonkers this time. That's the actual color. I put a white egg just for a comparison point. They are blue eggs. Sometimes, I get some that are so much bluer than these! Where do they get their color? why? Is is in the feeding of the hens? is it in the hen's pedigree? Oh, I better start calling the dish"Royal omelettes" instead of plain omelettes!

What are these? the newest aditions to my Etsy shop! plus I made some little hair bows, for girls and a pair for babies. Can you see me grinning all the way from where you are? cause my face aches from smiling so much!!!!


Libby said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful - daughter, toddler feet, Etsy additions! All beautiful.

Now, are your kids bilingual?

CT said...

bilingual!!! I'm doing my best!

Thank you for your nice comments, Libby! hugs!

Libby said...


Just be happy! said...

blue eggs, that's new for me... lol
CT your daughter is a cutie pie!!!
great new things on you etsy, I checked it out.
Have a great weekend!

SueR said...

Your wee one is just as cute as can be! How old is she, 18 months maybe? Are you having fun with your Etsy shop? Any sales yet?

hester said...

Your wee girl is so clever! It is gorgeous when they start talking and surprise you with all sorts of stuff. And yes....such gorgeous little feet with toes like fat green peas, I always think.


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