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Oh oh oh! I'm so nervous!

Really like... freaking out! There, said like a true teenager. Cause I feel like a teenager. Trying to feign being wordly and knowing, and wise and mature... but I'm sure I'm no more than 13 years old today.

I put up my first three items in my Etsy shop.

:D and I can't stop smiling from the excitement, and I cannot ignore the butterflies in my tummy that come when I think NOBODY will be interested, and I cannot ignore the dizziness in my head when I realize I have put out to the world three very simple, very humble things that I made...

WOW. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions. I cannot imagine what I will feel when (if) my daugthers go to college, if I feel this way about three little things.

I think I'm gonna go and drink a very large cup of chamomille tea. See you!


Just be happy! said...

good luck CT!!!
The other day I came across this, it might be helpful.



CT said...

thank you so much, Alessandra!!! gonna keep my fingers crossed!

Alhana said...

Congratulations CT!
Muchas felicidades por la apertura de la tienda, espero que te vaya genial.

Tammie said...

congratulations and good luck with your shop!
i just popped in, your hats are adorable. i dont think you have anything to worry about.

Libby said...

Congratulations, CT! I wish you much success with your shop. I'm happy for you. :-)


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