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The latest fashion statement?

Pirate masks!

Well, at least that's what I told my girls they were. They have been quite obedient in using them whenever they have contact with other people.

Oh, and they are allowing Mass again!! whoo-hoo!!! only it has to be held outdoors and in spaces where you can sit a bit far from the person next to you. The death rate took a plunge, from 46 on Sunday to 3 yesterday. Thank you all for your prayers, and I'll keep asking you to remember us in your prayers, as well as the people who has lost a loved one during these days.

Not much to report, just wanted to show you my girls.

In (sligthly) higher spirits, your friend

Citlali Talina


Rudee said...

If history repeats itself, the flu will disappear with the warmer weather. The worry will come in the fall and winter when people gather indoors again, so remain cautious as conditions improve over summer.

I'm glad to hear things are improving there. Giving the virus a chance to die down by closing schools and churches is always wise. I'm glad they did it. Of course I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Tammie said...

hang in there.
i've been thinking of you.

Just be happy! said...

your girls are so adorable, they look cute in their "pirate" masks.
I'm keep praying and hoping for the flu to disappear.
glad to see you are feeling better.
take care.

Merynne said...

When my little boy was almost 3, he caught RSV from a baby at church. He had to wear a mask and get breathing treatments, etc. He got a little frustrated with it after a few days, so I let him decorate his masks with crayons:) I hope things get better and I am so glad to hear you are able to attend mass again.

Libby said...

YEAH! I'm glad that your spirits are "slightly higher" today. :-) And that Mass will reconvene. :-) You and your family and your country are in my thoughts and prayers.

hester said...

How good are your girls to wear their masks! They look gorgeous too. So glad you feel in better spirits and hope the news keeps getting better.

Tanya said...

Your girls are cuties! Wearing masks are part of the Japanese culture ALL THE TIME! In the winter, in the spring (hay fever). I don't usually like them much and unless I have a cough I don't use one but yesterday I bought a box... Glad to know you are all well.


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