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Inspiration.. Or SUSAN BOYLE ROCKS!!!!


(words on a wall in the gym I went to as a child)

And if you doubt the effectiveness of these words, watch this video... I've become a fan!!!!!! she's wonderful! not only in her performance, but also in her presence of mind when they sneered at her. I would have totally lost it and made a fool of myself. Susan Boyle, you are a hero!

When I was in College, I was understudy for Fantine, and I loved the song. She sent shivers down my spine while I was watching the video.

Yes, I can do what I want...


Just be happy! said...

I had received that video by e-mail and both me and my husband cried when we watched, it's very touching and inspiring.
Susan Boyle really rocks!

Libby said...

That just goes to show that we can't judge a book by its cover. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

Alhana said...

They were talking about her on the radio this morning. Amazing!


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