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Daylight savings time... ouch!

Does anyone else in the world have such strong opinions about DST? It seems that in Mexico it rivals economy issues, health issues and education issues. Heck, it may elicit stronger responses in people than say drug fight or other crimes. It seems that about half the population thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread and the other half thinks it is yet another scheme of the government to steal from us. (?)

Still, we moved our clocks forward last night.

So this morning, I am a bit more slow than usual! hehehe! My hubbie had his monthly Adoración Nocturna guard (if you are Catholic, you know what I mean, and if you are not... well, a group of men- the Night Worshipers - stay up all night in the Tabernacle, like an army guard, praying for all mankind, accompanying Jesus in the Host. The women have their watch too, but it is during the day) and I was alone at home with my two girls... who decided that they were not going to sleep early. LH usually is knocked out aroung 9 pm and BH around 10... but it was 11:30 pm and BOTH were up!All the lights were out, they had had their baths, they had said their prayers... and they were laughing their little heads off with some private joke (keeping mommy up when she already had one less hour of sleep for the night). Then they BOTH came back to my bed and finally fell asleep. So did Mommy, after carrying them back to their room.

12:00 pm. DH arrives and I wake up (I'm a bit of a coward so I have a VERY light sleep when he is away at his guard) and we start talking, then I drift off to sleep only to be awakened like five minutes later because DH found a leaking bottle that one of the girls had left in his side of the bed. Get up, change the sheets. Go back to sleep.

3:00 am. BH wakes up and comes to the room. I wake up. BH clims to our bed, and falls fast asleep (and fast is the word here! were our rooms a bit further appart we would have found her sleeping in the floor halfway to our room!) We wait till she falls asleep and (shame on me! hehehe!) I pretend to be asleep so DH takes her to her room.

3:30 am. LH wakes up (sort of) and starts crying for her bottle (which she decides she doesn't want). It takes me a full five minutes of frustration to notice... I had given her an EMPTY bottle! duh! So I go back to the room, fix her a new bottle and give it to LH, who promtly takes two, maybe three gulps of milk... and then proceeds to turn to her side, bottle cuddled like a doll and falls asleep.

4-ish... can't remember exactly the hour. BH wakes up again and comes to the room. I give up and tell Rodrigo to let her sleep here

5-ish. LH wakes up again, crying, and I don't know how -all blurry- she ends up at our bed. Suppose DH picked her up and brought her to the bed to calm her down without fear of dropping her when he fell asleep.

6:45 am. My alarm goes off. I open one eye, slam my fist on the alarm clock and mumble incoherently before dozing off again.

7:30 am. I wake up, alarmed, check the hour and make a mad dash to my bathroom and closet to get ready for 8 am Mass...

...and right now, I'm kinda siding with those who think that DST was designed to make our lives miserable. Good thing in a few days, my internal clock will have readjusted itself. Meanwhile, bring on the chocolate, the coffee and my Diet Coke!


Merynne said...

After I read your message, I followed your page to your blog and was laughing so hard! I decided to follow you too:)Sounds like you have a wonderful family!

Michelle Walker said...

I love how religious you and your family are!!! I HATE nights when the kids seem to never stay in bed! It happens to us all! My house is a disaster and I'm going to need a BIG diet coke on Monday morning to get the energy to straighten everything out again!!! Love ya!!!

kraftykash said...

I was a grouch the 1st week of DST here! I hate it as well. Im also a big chicken when ever Kiley is not around at night. :)

Amy Joy said...

Thanks for the comment. Loved reading your post. Sounds like some of my nights. I love when a blog makes me laugh so if you don't mind I will have to stop by again. Way to get out of bed for church!

Libby said...

What a night you had! DST is always hard for me. It's funny because one year, people forgot to set their clocks and were late one hour to church. One year, a person arrived an hour early and thought maybe that church was canceled. I always look forward to fall when I can regain that hour stolen from me! :-D


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