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Unusual treats

Remember how I mentioned I have friends all over the world? well, some of them live literally on the other side of the globe, but today I had an unexpected treat: I could "visit" with one of them, who lives in *drum roll*


We "talked" through our computers, we shared recipes and all. She's an awesome quilter! Hi there Tanya!

How cool is that! I remember when I was a little girl going to WDW and my favourite ride in Epcot was "the big silver ball", the name we kids called Spaceship Earth. Wow! I could ride it five or six times per visit! I liked it THAT much! I remember that back then it was "powered by AT&T", and near the end there was the future of communications: a living room in Anytown USA, a family with a child, maybe 10 to 12 years old, talking through a monitor with a little friend of asian apearance, and a bit further, the living room of the little friend in Japan, and you could see in his monitor the image of the other child (nevermind that in both scenes there was the same day time). I always found that fascinating. Wow, they could be miles and miles appart and still speak "face to face". And now? it is the most normal thing in the world!

I know, I know, I'm stating the obvious. But isn't it a shame that we no longer notice things like this? When did we stop marveling? I read a blog entry by my friend Tammie that talked about things that she was into. As in, things she noticed, things she loved. I really like when she posts things like that.

So today, I'm DARING my friends. I'm gonna post, each day, one commonplace thing or happening that I've ceased to notice, something that makes me wonder again. I DARE you to do the same, to try and look through child's eyes!!!!

Oh, and before you even THINK of mentioning it, I do not mean the fascination children often have with body waste!!!!!!!! EW!!!

And on other subject... Thank you all for visiting my Etsy shop!! and to those of you who added my store to their favourites! it's like being picked FIRST at the team in school! XD


Tammie said...

you're the best!

i really need to try to notice more. i dont think i do it often enough. sometimes it feels like the days and weeks are passing me by and im just going through the motions and being miserable.

i just checked out tanyas site..she is definitely an awesome quilter!!!

Libby said...

Have you ever seen this movie: Dinner with Friends? In the movie, one couple realizes that their marriage has dwindled to just "doing things": paying bills, taking kids to school, taking them to soccer practice, etc. and they don't spend time building their own relationship, taking note of the small things that were once so obvious in their courtship.

I think you're so right, CT. We often miss the beauty in the ordinary things because we're so busy "doing things".

That's one reason I admire nature photographers. The beauty they capture on film is amazing. And sometimes it might just be that dandelion that you overlook.

Amazing! Thanks for writing this post. :-D

Tanya said...

I had a good time visiting with you too. I will be coming back to visit you on your blog!


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