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Yet another frothy thing...

Oh I do love making sweet pretty things, and this is for a very special girl who is getting married... Yes, the same wedding I'm attending that the other pretty frothy thing I'm making is for....

I found the pattern on Ravelry and made some modifications. I didn't do it on the round and I added the bottom part that form the hearts. I hope she likes it. Its made of cotton thread and satin ribbon. What do you think? Should I add some blue beads to the little picot flowers at the very bottom? Tiny baby blue beads, one for each small blossom?

Have you made anything bridal? I didn't of making one of these for my own and I regret it cause my hubby didn't toss my garter but kept it for himself (just saw it the other day on his handkerchief box... Yes, he does use a handkerchief on a daily basis, how cool is that? I love it!)

Those of you who aren't married yet, what would you make for your own wedding?

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hester said...

I didn't have a garter either and my husband is a hanky man! See? I knew we were psychic twins!

CT said...

Oh my stars!!!! Lol! This is really a case of psyquic twins!!!! I have to go there someday, really really really! Do you think Time-space continium would be broken if I did?


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