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I found this incredible image at  Elizabeth Cat's Flickr pool, and I had to share it with you! doesn't it look so fresh? so inviting? imagine making one for your bed! just like a field of daisies, but inside your home and NEVER  fading!!!! joy!!!

and then she has this block! I wanna rush out and rob a bank or something so I have money to buy yarn and make such a lovely blanket! imagine  this block with...

and then...

And... get ready for gorgeousness overload....


here goes!

Does she have an eye for color or what????

And do you blame me for loving ripples? check out JoAnn's lovely pink ripple!

Or this lovely one, from  ccfairie 1

look, it has granny squares AND ripples!!!!

and this one by Crossroads Knits Liz?? QUEEN SIZED!!! adorable!!!

Can you believe all the loveliness around??? go check all the other gorgeous things these talented crafters have made!!!


Just be happy! said...

stunning photos, I am itching to crochet more after seeing these!

Dawn said...

Elizabeth Cat rules!! I was impressed by her crochet the first time I saw it! You are truly inspired today. Love days like that.

Libby said...

You've found some really talented ladies from the Flickr world. I love all those colors. So bright and cheery. :-)

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Be sure and stop by my blog and collect your Sunshine Blogger Award!


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