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Hot on the hooks!

Well, Madonna and friends D&G inspired me and I'm making myself something black and crocheted and cute, and I learned to make a new stitch that takes FOREVER to make some progress with, but hey! My SIL is getting married two and a half weeks from now, and I plan to wear it then!

I finished one skein of Sinfonia and I have only made three inches so far, so I guess I have a looong way to go.

On other issues... I have been light on the blogs. Perhaps too light. But I've had rough days and I felt that if I started pouring a bit then the whole thing would get out of hand and I would be sobbing hysterically to you and grabbing a big handful of dark chocolate and /or a pint of cherry and candied nuts ice cream. Ugh.

It was a good decision, if for the wrong reasons. I have a (slight) tendency to depression and I really, really try not to drag others to my personal little black hole of foreboding. So I become my own cheerleader, which might account for my being so doggone tired by noon on a bad mood day. And really, sometimes all it takes is my husband being distracted a bit at lunch and then...

Me: uh hon? What are you thinking of?

Hon: (coming out of a daze, kind of) uh?

Me: I asked what are you thinking.

My mind: oh gosh, he doesn't pay attention to me anymore? Have I become so uninteresting? Is he getting bored of our relation?

My cheerleader: AW, come ON! You are being silly and you know it! He's just thinking about..
MM: ... Another woman? Oh shoot! Someone thinner and taller, and prettier...

MC: shut up. You are being ridiculous!

MM:oh yeah? How are you so sure?

MC: he's reading his order sheet.

MM: (feeling really dumb) oh.

Hon: uh? Oh sorry, calculating the production for this afternoon.

MC: see, you freak?

MM: (acidly) shut up.

And that's why I am so tired! sometimes it's just petty, stupid, unimportant things that get me going down that spiral. It takes me a few hours or weeks but I usually get things in perspective, hopefully before I hurt someone or chew a head off.

THAT is the good reason to wait and not raise up a fuss and then have to sheepishly say I was wrong.. Again. And again. Aaaand again. You really wouldn't like that.


Oh, care to guess what I'm making?

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Libby said...

We all have to be our personal cheerleader sometimes. Perhaps being such a creative person leads to creative thoughts such as you've been experiencing. hehe

Love the new stitch and look forward to watching this new item progress, even if it's inch by inch or in your case cm by cm. :-)

CT said...

Oh Libs! Hehehe! Thanks for calling "crazy" rather "creative"! Lol! But I guess it does go with the temperament.

I'm loving the new stitch as well, only it's so yarn consuming! Lol!!!! I love it because it's so old fashioned and lovely and... Just plain fun!


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