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My kid is a tree hugger

Well, rather...



Picture party at my parent's, my lil' bro's birthday (30 years old today! Happy Birthday, Jafet!) . Cousins playing in the backyard. Little Tete is having fun with her older cousins. They all know not to touch the one cactus in the yard, a baby one. That is everyone but Tete. And she loves flowers and plants. So she's inspecting it, and her big cousin tells her not to touch it.

Which has the immediate effect of Tete spreading her arms and hugging it... And letting go of it about 1/264th of a second later. She did not cry, but ran to her daddy because "the tree bit me".

Daddy and grandma spent the next 30 minutes plucking the little pricks out of her tummy. I was at work, and missed it, one of the stories we will tell her when she grows up.

She's sleeping in her bed now. No cacti were harmed and she is ok now. Mommy is home. Night has thrown her mantle and it's time to sleep. Good night!

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hester said...

Ouch! Hope your little one has recovered from cactus hugging! And hope your finger is all better too.

CT said...

Lol! Yeah! She just gained a bit more respect for the little plants, and today she approached the pot and scolded it! Lol! "No bite Tete! No!" Lol! It was too funny!


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