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I love stumbling upon color combinations like this one.

Mom was giving my girls some chocolate covered candied almonds. And these three popped in her hand, so I asked to photograph them. She has the most beautiful hands, you know. Not modeling hands, but big, strong hands where work shows. Mine are short and plump and I had to shoot the eggs in my hand. They looked SO much better on hers. Oh well.

I really like these colors together. They remind me of a certain little twelve year old with a crush on NKOTB, the Babysitter's Club series, Anne of Avonlea and ballet. I had a jacket on these same colors, and I wanted everything in the same palette.

I am thinking of starting my fourth Rippley in them! What to you think? Perfect for a little girl, right?

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Alhana said...

I also had a crush on NKOTB and loved those books. Could it be because we were born on the same year? lol

It is a nice combination for a girl - had it been me, I would have asked for some yellow in there. Can't remember why, but I wanted rainbow colours everywhere!

CT said...

Nuria, add to that our love of Jane Austen! we are of the race that knows Joseph!

Thanks for the suggestion! I think yellow would be great! as soon as I finish Rippley 3rd I'll start the fourth in those colors!

Caroline said...

I love the colors! I loved the Anne books too! May I borrow your inspiration colors for a project too?

CT said...

but av course, daah-ling! borrow away!


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