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Revamping the blog!

I thought it was high time I gave my blog a little love-love...

I think I might be too girlie, my University years notwithstanding... (hint: I dressed like Trinity one day -leather pants and halter top with high heeled boots- and the next? Leather skirt, knee high boots, black tank top and long leather coat... you get the drift... got away with it and not being labeled freak cause I was a nerd, and two labels was too much... but I'm rambling here)

Do you like it?

Oh, and just look what I saw over at Dev's, at the Snowy Fairy Glade! can you blame me for loving ripples?

Libs with her cool gesture and she and  Dev with such examples, you are just encouraging me into this addictive behavior, you know?


marigold jam said...

Looks good to me!

Rudee said...

Good to see you're in the pink. It's very pretty!

Just be happy! said...

love the new layout!

Alhana said...

Love this girlie layout!

CT said...

Marigold: Thanks!
Rudee: I can't help it! i think I might like pink a little too much! LOL!

Ale: Thanks, girl!

Nuria: creo que ya me hizo efecto tanto rosa que tengo para mis hijas! Jajajaja! pero me encanta!! quiero empapelar mi cuarto a rayas como el blog! no estoy segura que mi marido este de acuerdo, sin embargo.... :( JAJAJAJAJA!

Libby said...

Love the new layout too. And your new profile pic. Still working on mine. :-) Dev has some really beautiful ripple work doesn't she? :-)

CT said...

Libby: thanks! lol! I love Dev's work! and I changed the profile pic just cause I had fun shooting those! LOL!

Tammie said...

i like the changes youve made. i feel like its high time i do something with mine too.

Nishant said...

Good to see you're in the pink. It's very pretty!
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