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I had to blog again...

Since I got a lovely lovely LOVELY package from an even lovelier person...

Remember my new love of ripples? The one that is a bit too much? (Third rippley on the hook, fourth already planned)

Well, I must admit scrappy ripples are my faves, and my dear friend Libby ( sent me this lovely package of scrap yarn!!!! And it is lovely!!!! The colors and variety! And she also sent candy!!!!!!! Libs, you are the "bestest"!

Hehehe! This will be a little embarrassing... When I saw the package, I blanched. The first thing I thought was "oh no... FUDGE!!! I forgot a swap?????" And then I opened it and I was embarrassed and happy and touched and floored and grateful, that I have such lovely friends, so generous and just plain amazing!

So...THANK YOU, LIBS!!!!!!!!!!! Really really really thank you!
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Libby said...

Glad you liked them CT! Happy Crocheting!!!!

Just be happy! said...

you are a lucky gal and you deserve it!
I am happy for you!

CT said...

Libs, you are just too generous!!!
thank you thank you thankyou!

Ale: thanks!!!!!

Nishant said...

you deserve it!
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