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I got me a new spider er.. toy!

I have a new toy! And it is called "the spider" lol! I had to put some yarn through it or you would not recognize it for what it is: a masterpiece of a mexicanada. A mexican ball winder.

I love my spider! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

By the way, the light here at the bar is all wrong, the color is berrylicious, from Vanna's Choice Baby, and it is yummy and mouth watering and makes me want to go get a berry popsicle. This hideous tungsten lamps show it all wrong.

And yes, that is the Yarn Harlot on my laptop's screen!


kraftykash said...

I have never even seen anything like that! Looks interesting. :)

CT said...

kash, interesting is the word! my dad took a look at it and proceeded to tell me all the different stuff they used to make it, it was hilarious! see what you get when you recycle? hahahaha!


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